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Thursday, July 14, 2022

Puebla: Cereso Prison Had Luxury Rooms For Inmates

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Video translation is as follows:

What a pleasure it is to greet you from the city of Puebla. Specifically from where the San Miguel prison is located. And it is unjustly inside this Cereso stockade, it is where premises were built. And of course there are some rooms that were used for all kinds of activities.

This was announced a few hours ago. They served as restaurants, pharmacies, grocery stores, clothing stores, hardware stores, hair salons, there were two kiosks, gyms and even private rooms for intimate encounters.

To give you an idea, 104 rooms were built. This is exactly what we are seeing on the screen. According to state authorities, these rooms were built during past administrations. And with them they generated profits.

Take a look at this, estimates of at least three million pesos were generated weekly. Of course, in order to have access to all these luxuries inside the prison. They had to have money so that they could immediately make use of them whenever the inmates wanted it. That is, all luxuries that were was inside this prison.

The authorities reported that these spaces were already demolished and were registered under a public notary who attested precisely to all the activities that took place a few hours ago. Today I can tell you that the atmosphere is normal. The families continue to enter to visit the inmates who are inside this prison.

And of course go through the procedures that are carried out in this area in order to fulfill their visits. Thus the conditions in what has happened in these last few hours here in the San Miguel prison. And of course we will stay tuned to find out the final investigations. Just as well the outcome of every process. For now I return to everyone at the studio. Have a good afternoon.

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