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Thursday, July 14, 2022

Culiacan, Sitting In A Sea Of Synthetic Drugs

 "Ivan" for Borderland Beat 

In less than a month, a second warehouse with drugs and tons of precursor chemicals for making synthetic drugs was located in the urban area of Culiacán.

The half million fentanyl pills seized last week were considered a historic seizure by the Federal Government.

According to the Undersecretary of Security and Citizen Protection, Ricardo Mejía Bermejo, the seizure represents an economic impact of 4,642 million pesos to organized crime.the warehouse is located on Poniente Street, in the Las Palmas subdivision, in the Infonavit Las Flores sector.

The property was located on the afternoon of Saturday, July 2 by members of the National Guard and the Army.

Ten people were detained at the site and handed over to the Attorney General's Office.

They were allegedly unloading drums of chemicals from a trailer when they were caught.

After the arrest and realizing that there were chemicals, the officers installed a security fence in the area and blocked vehicular traffic.

It was not until Monday morning when personnel from the Attorney General's Office entered the place with a search warrant. The search of the property was concluded on Wednesday.

According to information from the Attorney General's Office, there were approximately 510,000 fentanyl tablets, 1,000 kilos of methamphetamine, 83 kilos of fentanyl, 31 kilos of cocaine, 8 kilos of heroin and 26,000 pesos.

As of Friday afternoon, FGR experts were still working to determine the exact quantities and weights of the drugs and substances seized.

In addition, several quantities of precursor chemicals for drug production, a tractor-trailer coupled to a dry box, as well as six vehicles of different brands were seized.

The drugs were in packages hidden in chemical drums used in the agricultural sector.

Mejia Bermejo noted that it represents the largest fentanyl seizure in history.

"It is the largest seizure and securing in history of this lethal drug that is fentanyl, and other chemicals and precursors were also secured, as well as the property." Here are some images of this historic seizure, which was the result of the work of the Mexican Army, and also of the coordination with the National Guard. This seizure represents an economic impact on organized crime of approximately four thousand 642 million pesos," he said.

The official mentioned that the Sedena maintains a deployment for the seizure of chemical precursors and clandestine laboratories.

In the period from May 21 to July 5, through this deployment of 370 elements of the Mexican Army, 94 laboratories have been seized, he said.

He affirmed that these seizures imply "an affectation to organized crime for 131 million pesos". In addition, 30,800 liters of chemical substances and other precursors used for the production of synthetic drug doses have been seized.

On June 5, another warehouse with precursor chemicals had already been seized in the urban area of Culiacan.

The property is located on Rafael Buelna street, between Nicolas Bravo and Guadalupe Victoria, a few meters from the UAS Central High School.

There were 54,000 liters and 38 tons of precursor chemicals for the production of methamphetamine.

Personnel from the Attorney General's Office (FGR) reported that the place did not produce drugs, it was only used as a warehouse.

Among the substances seized were methylformide, lead acetate, tartaric acid, distilled water, methyl chloride, sodium cyanide and ethyl alcohol.

On March 12, in the Las Siete Gotas neighborhood, they had already seized a house used as a warehouse for drugs and substances.

At the place they seized 400 kilograms of crystal, contained in 66 bags, ten coolers, eight containers and three tubs, three 50 liter drums with a colorless liquid substance, a 50 liter drum with a brown liquid, a tub with white powder and two motorcycles and a vehicle.

Governor Rubén Rocha Moya said that there is no specific operation to locate chemical precursor warehouses in the urban area, but the latest seizures are guiding investigations.

"There is not exactly an operation to find warehouses, but all this is already arousing suspicions and orienting you and the investigations are being carried out in that sense. We are happy about that because in fact a very, very important seizure was made, and they called it historic, a huge amount, more than half a ton of fentanyl, imagine the people, the young people who were going to poison and kill because that drug is very lethal," he said.

He commented that in the next few days the Ministry of Tourism will meet with US authorities so that they withdraw the travel alert.

Among the information they will present, he detailed, are the improvement in crime indicators and seizures such as the one last week.

"What was the destination of that drug, they must realize that as a government we are making every effort," he said.

Article published on July 10, 2022 in the 1015 edition of the weekly Ríodoce.



  1. Does anyone know if they are hitting the labs of Chapitos or Mayo?

  2. AMLO was trying to show work before his meeting with USA President Biden. Cha🍕 will soon have to turn in people since several of the Guzman brothers have been indicted or were captured and released by the peacenik AMLO.

    1. 12:58 great you brought it up, AMLO and his cabinet were up to something all along drug lab busts in May, alot in July mainly Sinaloa was getting busted, looks like thier bribes are not as good as CJNG anymore.
      See how easy it is to get AMLO off his high horse and take action against Cartel cool, that has killed many innocent's.
      Obviously AMLO knew what the topics of the meeting were going to be before hand months ahead, and it's funny how we now know why labs in Sinaloa we're getting hit hard.
      Prime example that if Mexico wants to be a better country it can be done.

    2. 806 AMLO lawyer you are not fooling anyone. The drug bust in Sinaloa will be given back to the cartels thanks to Lazy Grampa AMLO. Furthermore, he does NADA for the people. He is lazy for the people mexico is going to hell. Furthermore AMLO lawyer will come from under his rock to belittle me for saying what is the facts!

  3. Is it me or ever since Luis Chapparos podcast and reporting they have cracked down on these labs hopefully he doesn't catch any heat.


  5. That’s biggest bust of fentanyl so far

  6. AMLO is getting the bribes, they will soon be released and continue to run rampant and control mexico with high military generals. Mexico is going to hell thanks to grampa AMLO who does fake drug operations to keep the biden administration from sending the U.S to invade like they did in Ukraine. AMLO lawyer nutthuggers will belittle me because my comment is facts

    1. Get it right fool
      Biden did not send soldiers to unkraine,
      Monotone man

    2. 645 awww shut up you Trumpster. Another AMLO nutthugger lawyer. Dr. Sol we need you to put these grampa nutthuggers in check like you did in another post! Furthermore, lazy grampa will continue letting the cartels run rampant as long and the bribes are paid.

    3. 9:46 Imposter why are you mimicking the real anti-amlo commenter? You tired of his truth, that now you act like him. And now with the words you throw in, Sol can distinguish the difference, don't be a sore loser. Good try in trying to get him in trouble.😂😂

    4. 5:44 Your opinion matters!

  7. CJNG snitching as usual on CDS, crying to the government and their mothers. La Vaca knows Mencho is dead, Mencho’s tweaker soldiers don’t know they’re dead… yet. Just high off the CDS product.

  8. 9:04 is high on CJNG product

  9. With all these busts.. how do they dispose of the chemicals? Does the navy show videos of them burning the drugs?? The us is pressuring Mexico about fentanyl so the navy is busting labs and then selling them the chemicals back.. no way the narcos are allowing all this shit too go down..

  10. So where are all the mexes blaming USA for your drug production. There aren’t enough people in the states to consume all this poison

  11. sedena captures precurser chems just to make headlines, 1week later they sell them right back to the guys they took it from


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