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Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Chihuahua, CHIH: Six People Are Murdered In The Sahuaros Neighborhood: Five Men And One Woman

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

A total of six people were killed in an attack with firearms by a group of gunmen who broke into a home in the north of the city

A total of six people were killed in an attack with firearms, by a group of gunmen who broke into a home in the Sahuaros neighborhood, north of the city of Chihuahua. So far it has emerged that the victims are five men and one woman. None of them have been identified at the moment.

The incident occurred when the armed criminal cell arrived in several vehicles at a home located on Mina Candelaria Street, near the intersection with Mojave Desert Street, where the victims were.

Although the identity of the massacred victims hasn’t been determined; It surfaced that there are five men and one woman.

After unloading weapons of different calibers against the murdered people, they fled in an unknown direction.

The gunfire alerted the neighbors, who requested help from the emergency number, which activated a strong operation with security elements of the municipal, state and federal order.

In less than 24 hours, nine people have been murdered: the first two, during the night of Monday the 11th, in Jardines del Sacramento; the third, a man who was wrapped in a blanket and thrown in the streets of the Revolution neighborhood; and the six executed in Sahuaros, all north of the city.

El Heraldo de Chihuahua


  1. Probably Sinaloan associates getting wrecked like usual in Chihuas

    1. sinaloans are loosing Chihuahua...

  2. A Chihuahua newspaper is also reporting that a day or two ago a 13 year old female was taken by force in front of her parents into a vehicle that was occupied by a local plaza boss in Guadalupe y Calvo area in the southern part of Chihuahua
    The girl has not been found and her parents are demanding the police find her and take her away from the plaza boss.
    What cartel runs that place?

    1. Cartel de sinaloa los Mata inocentes pero dicen ellos que no

    2. Como dice la canción del Komander "plebitas de 12 y Buchanan's del 18"...

    3. Theres a reason why cds are called the chomo cartel

    4. 5:22 ojala y nunca tengas hijas. No porke te la roben si no porke que eres capas de abusar de ella pinched mañacon.

    5. @9:34 El Komander canta "Traigan plebitas de 15, del 21 el Buchanan's" en Estilo SL.

    6. 9:34 actually 5:22 is saying that snitchloas are chomos



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