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Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Zacatecas: Clashes, Armed Attack Against Police Command, 13 Murders

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At least 13 people were killed in different armed attacks that occurred during this past weekend in five municipalities of the entity, which continues to plunge into violence generated by the struggle of organized crime groups, despite the Zacatecas II operation.

The early morning of Saturday 11, the gunfire of high caliber weapons sounded in the city of Fresnillo, which experienced confrontations and persecutions on different roads such as Jesús Varela Rico Boulevard, Paseo del Mineral, Huicot Avenue and Sonora Street, in the central area.

The alleged criminals launched "caltrops", in the streets where they faced gunfire in order to neutralize the municipal police, the Mexican and national guard deployed an operation, without reporting detainees.

In the municipality of Tepetongo, 84 kilometers south of the capital, an armed group attacked with high caliber weapons the command, which is located in the same building of the municipal presidency, causing damage to the facade and a patrol.

This is the third attack perpetrated in less than a year against the Municipal Command, the second occurred on February 11 when a police officer was injured; The first was recorded on November 24, 2021, without reporting victims, only damage.

In the Pueblo Magico of Jerez, located 43 kilometers south of the city of Zacatecas, armed civilians killed a man during the early hours of Saturday in the Mercaderes neighborhood, whose body was close to a vehicle with several gunshots.

Two other men were riddled on Saturday afternoon next to Federal Highway 45 at the municipal capital of Calera, 28 kilometers from the capital.

In Guadalupe, a city adjacent to the Zacatecan capital, three men were killed and three people were injured in three different attacks during the same Saturday.

During the morning a man and a woman were shot dead by armed civilians in the community of Tacoaleche, when the corporations and paramedics arrived and found the victims, who were transferred to a hospital for medical care.

In a second attack, which occurred in the afternoon, two men lost their lives when they were shot by armed civilians on La Palma street in the Las Piedreras neighborhood, in an urban area.

An injured woman and a deceased man was the balance of a third armed attack perpetrated at night on Guadalupe street in the Ferrocarrilera neighborhood.

The wave of murders continued on Sunday in the city of Zacatecas. An armed group broke into a home in the morning, at Ixtoc Street in the Lázaro Cárdenas neighborhood, and killed two men, a 26 -year -old male and his father, in front of other relatives.

Later in the same neighborhood another man was killed while drinking beers with his friends outside a shipping establishment, located on Paseo Díaz Ordaz.

In another attack occurred in the H. Ayuntamiento neighborhood, armed subjects killed a man and left a badly injured adult outside a domicile.

In the city of Fresnillo, security corporations found the body of a man wrapped in blankets along with a narco message signed by a criminal group.

The body was in a vacant lot, located behind the Liverpool store, in the Nueva Esperanza neighborhood.

On Saturday eight homicides were committed and five more on Sunday, according to the Security Report of the Government of Mexico.

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  1. Whoever ever thought up that police truck design, where the back is reserved for officers to just stand there (or by times, they also can sit) COMPLETELY UNPROTECTED in a country that more or less can be described as cartel country in its entirety, with all the bad guys running around with machine guns etc, AND all of the bad guys having a habit of routinely brein be out to kill nearly everybody else (and not in the last place, police officers)!

  2. BUKELE in El Salvador, or Honduras has all the pinchis maras in prison kissing and making out while human rights organizations all over the world wrong their hands in angst about the maras rights, and BUKELE has never been a cop or trained by nobody's cops in any other country...

    1. You do know he cleaned up shop so his folks can control the drug market

    2. 7:48 SO WHAT!
      At least there will be new fresh less experienced murderers on the streets, easier to catch and send to the maras that will be waiting for them eagerly.


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