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Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Tabasco: Governor Carlos Merino Campos Investigating Drug Trafficking In Schools

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Governor Carlos Manuel Merino Campos reported that investigation folders were opened for alleged cases of drug sales inside Tabasco schools.

After the secretary of Education, Egla Cornelio, and the headmaster of the UJAT, Guillermo Narváez Osorio, recognized that drugs are sold and consumed at different educational levels, the state president was questioned on the subject, to which he stated that They are taking action on it.

"These are issues that are being investigated, there is already an open investigation folder by the State Attorney General's Office, -Is there an open avenue for criminals in schools?- There is never going to an open avenue free for the criminals, it’s obvious that they’re going to look for a place to get involved in, authorities are trying to establish the modus operandi of these crooks to proceed in their arrest," he said.

He reiterated the call to parents and society to combat this type of scourge that attacks minors.

Regarding the possibility of implementing backpack operations in schools, Merino Campos said that schools are free to apply strategies.



  1. Schools can not investigate, but can be blamed with impunity...
    Police Investigators could investigate, but for some strange reason, their leadership does not seem to be ready to invest people or materials, even the US can't get the job done at junior high levels.

    1. Better drugs than guns in schools. Look at the continuous slaughtering of children getting an education.
      Mass shootings are becoming so rampant in the US.
      Guess Mexico is doing something right by prohibiting guns to its citizens. Avoiding tragic events like that of US.

  2. I can’t imagine these would be big busts. What a waste of time which is the point I think.

    1. Consumption will not cease for those who have no will. Regardless of what parents and educators say. Moreover, the probable outcome of seeing the many faces from it.
      The war on drugs is a failed one. Actually the longest war the US has been fighting for with no gains.

  3. He's just talking bs .


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