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Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Waco, Texas: More Than $500K In Meth Off Central Texas Streets

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McLennan County Sheriff Parnell McNamara is praising the work of his deputies and fellow law enforcement officers after an operation - hailed as the “biggest meth bust” in the history of the McLennan County Sheriff’s Office - led to three arrests and the seizure of more than $500,000 in methamphetamine.

“It’s the largest, that I’m aware of, methamphetamine bust,” McNamara said during a press conference Monday. “I don’t remember this amount of meth being taken before, it’s a huge amount.”

Law enforcement officers arrested Abel Chavez, Allen Roberts, and Marvin Keith on drug charges after the months-long operation resulted in the seizure of about 38.5 pounds of methamphetamine, 26 ounces of marijuana, nearly $18,000 in suspected drug proceeds, a Glock pistol, and an AR-15 style weapon, the sheriff said.

“We knew there was a possibility there would be quite a bit of dope there, but that is a huge quantity of methamphetamine,” said McNamara. “So glad to get that off the street.”

The operation was conducted by members of the McLennan County Sheriff’s Office Organized Crime Unit, the sheriff’s office’s SWAT, and the Waco Police Department’s Drug Enforcement Unit, along with the Texas Dept. of Public Safety. The bust was made Wednesday, June 8, at a home on Park Avenue in South Waco.

“The Waco Texas Anti-Gang (TAG) Unit has been around for a few years here in McLennan County, and since their existence they’ve been constantly working to remove drugs out of the area and remove gang members, and make the city and the county a little bit safer, so this just part of the operation they did,” said Sgt. Ryan Howard, spokesman for DPS. “The agencies within the TAG came together and worked together and were able to find these drugs and get them off the street so McLennan County did great here also working in conjunction with the TAG, and so we’re just thankful for the work that they did to remove these drugs from getting in children’s hands, or anybody else’s hands.”

Sheriff McNamara said the estimated street value of the methamphetamine seized is in excess of $530,000. “Almost all of our crime is connected to drug trafficking,” the Sheriff said during the news conference. “I’m just proud of our officers and the work they put together with other agencies ... We want to make it as difficult as we can for them to get their dope.”

McNamara said it was a team effort, and had a message for the citizens of McLennan County.

“Our officers for the McLennan County Sheriff’s Office, Waco PD, DPS and other agencies are out there working around the clock overtime to protect them and get these kinds of drugs off the streets, out of the hands of the bad guys, and lock up the perpetrators,” said McNamara.

Chavez is charged with manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance (penalty group 1) over 400 grams, a first-degree felony. Chavez’s bond was set at $50,000 and and he bonded out on June 9, 2022.

Roberts and Keith are both accused of distributing drugs in the Bellmead area. Both were charged with engaging in organized criminal activity, a first-degree felony. The men are currently being held on $250,000 bonds each.

“Hopefully, these idiots are going to get some tall sentences,” McNamara said.

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  1. Mexican cartels wholesale meth for like nothing a couple hundred dollars a lb. This bust means shit

  2. Texas cops will break your door down looking for drugs but won’t do shit to an active shooter in an elementary school

    1. Common dude don't over exauterate the situation, go fact finding first.
      Probable cause will allow cops to break doors. Cops were following chain of command orders, by the Chief of police, not to go in, same Chief that said he was busy unlocking doors, same one that said he was not carrying the 2 radios because they were heavy, same one, that would not attend media conference, he had an excuse for everything. Remember chain of command error, not the cops fault.

    2. They were cowards and you know it. Stop deep throating the boot my guy. That should have been an order that shouldn't have been followed. Kids being murdered and these guys decide to stand down. Plain and simple cowardice. Maybe the shooter should have had possession of some meth, maybe then they would have reacted differently. UPD has also decided not to cooperate with the state's investigation anymore. Only fact here is that those cops are cowards. I'm all for guns and law enforcement but this was just one big cowardly mess.

    3. If there’s one things I’ve learned about online talk concerning police, there will always be someone defending the cop no matter what. Bootlicker

    4. Falta de Huevos...
      No grown hairy ass police officer needs to obey chain of command when civilian lives are at stake, much less when little childrens lives are being taken, ultimately, the cops' conscience will decide if they can live with their own BS.

  3. When it to children's lives forget the orders and act to rescue them and take down the shooter ask questions later All officers from All Agencies were Cowards Stop Monday morning Quarterbacking Cowards turn in your shields No more free coffee at Whataburger go back to your suburban or Ranch houses because that where most of you live and are out of touch with the people and Reality.

  4. Not too many cops still live in the same barrio where they were born and raised get respect from locals and what goes on in the area.


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