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Saturday, June 25, 2022

Morelos: Gunmen Attack A Prison Following The Capture Of A Narco

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An armed criminal cell shot at the prison facilities, killing one of the guards, in addition to leaving a resounding message for the authorities

The Cuautla prison has been the scene of acts of violence for years.

The arrest of "El Cholo", a member of the "Los Acapulco" cell, of the Guerreros Unidos Cartel, caused the attack on the Cuautla prison, in the state of Morelos, where this criminal was sent.

Neighbors of the area reported to local media that an armed criminal cell aboard a vehicle shot inside the prison, causing the death of a guard that guarded the entrance, as well as causing serious injuries in another.

After committing the attack, one of the aggressors launched a paper ball with the message: "Cuautla is ours and we will not release it," the State Prosecutor's Office revealed.

A day before this aggression, "El Cholo", 37, was arrested by members of the Navy inside a bar in the Tetelcingo community, along with another man identified as Jorge Arturo, 33.

At the time of capture, both subjects were armed and had several drug packages of crystal meth.

Respectively the Morelos government, through its Twitter account, confirmed what happened and said there would be an operation to try to locate those responsible.

“We deeply regret the cowardly attack in the district jail of Cuautla, where a custodian of the facility lost his life and another was injured. The corresponding operation has been deployed to find those responsible ”, can be read in its publication.

In a statement, state authorities indicated that these events are part of the response of criminal groups that seek to destabilize social peace, due to the latest arrests in the region.

It should be noted that the Cuautla prison has been the scene of acts of violence for years, since overpopulation and deficient security conditions have generated quarrels and problems, both inside and outside this prison.

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