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Monday, June 27, 2022

Fresnillo, Zacatecas: Three Men And Two Women Shot At

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The attack was perpetrated on Huicot Street in the Tecnológica neighborhood; father denounces that his three-year-old daughter was injured.

Five people were shot this Saturday afternoon on Huicot Street in the Tecnológica neighborhood of the municipality of Fresnillo.

The attack occurred during a chase between a vehicle where the gunmen were traveling and another in which four adults and a minor were traveling.

The Spokesperson of the State Peace-building Bureau reported that three men and two women were injured; two people are in critical condition and the rest are stable. All of them were taken to receive medical attention.

A video circulates on social networks in which a father claims that his three-year-old daughter was injured. He exclaims that he is a doctor and that he was also injured, as was his brother a lawyer.

The authorities didn’t specify the ages of the people attackedwith gunfire. 

The Spokesperson's Office pointed out, in a statement, that police corporations maintain operational actions in this neighborhood and surrounding areas to try to locate those responsible.

Video translation is as follows:

We’re currently in Fresnillo, Zacatecas. My brother and I were just shot at. I am a doctor and my brother is a lawyer. This violence has reached a level that just shouldn’t be. My three year old daughter was shot. We’re past the breaking point here. I’m tired of this fucking shit. This shouldn’t be happening. 

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  1. I am a keyboard warriorr in my mom's basement, eating Cheetos.
    I would say it was a attempted kidnapping gone bad.

  2. There are three requirements for a state to be known as a "failed state" Rigged elections, well funded paramilitary units, and a broken down judicial system. México has met only one of those requirements.

    1. I say the check all 3 of your boxes.

    2. El problema de la falta de seguridad para los ciudadanos es un cancer para México. Como también es la corrupcion de los políticos y la policía.

    3. Ojalá la nińa esté bien.


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