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Monday, June 6, 2022

Coyuca de Catalán, Guerrero: Armed Men Were Recorded On Film Enjoying Themselves At A Wedding

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Video translation is as follows:

Ciro Gómez Leyva: What is this? This broadcast until a few moments ago had more than 165,000 views on Facebook. We thought it was a video tribute or it was a pilot that had not been used in a narco series. But no. It's authentic, it's real, and it happened a few days ago within the Mexican territory.

Good evening everyone. More than 160,000, more than 165,000 views on Facebook. This video has special relevance at this time. Yes, because at this time it’s being denied that criminal groups have broad control in areas of the national territory. These are images from Coyuca de Catalán, Guerrero.

Mirian Moreno: When we talk about the territorial control of criminal organizations. It is not only reflected in checkpoints or shootings. It also means interference in all the activities of the populations with total and absolute impunity. Even at parties.

These images of armed men dancing at a wedding were broadcast live on May 7 through the Chiro A Informando Facebook page. The video has more than 160,000 views and more than 2,000 likes. These men, not the bride and groom were the center of the party.

Armed men taking their best dancing steps with rifles for the exclusive use of the armed forces on their shoulders. Some in tactical uniform, others in civilian clothes with guns on their belts. And also others like this individual dressed from head to toe in what looks like the uniform of the Sedena soldiers.

They danced with whoever they wanted and drank when they could. Without any authority bothering them at their party. They were the authority. According to witnesses, the wedding guests were not nervous and everyone acted normal. Because the armed ones were the ones in charge of giving security to the party. Because that is the rule imposed by the criminal organization of the Familia Michoacána that controls everything in Coyuca de Catalán.

Ciro Gómez Leyva: What is this? It will be said that nothing happened and perhaps nothing happened because those people were there at the party, they were at the wedding. But what is this? They are the images that are already part of the Coto Yano landscape of life in Mexico in the second decade of the twentieth century.

There are the images. They are videos, which have been so widespread on Facebook that, according to what federal authorities report, they are already being investigated. These are images that say much more than the speeches they give. The dance, the armed men, the landscape, the bride, Coyuca de Catalán, Guerrero in May of 2022.

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  1. Pura Gente del serio Chico Jaramillo Saludos Viejon del señor de la C”

  2. That is the dumbest dance I’ve seen in my life.

  3. FM? What ever happened to El Tequilero??

    1. El tequilero tiene cirrosis y ya dejó la pisteada.

  4. It's normal in Mexico now in days. Thanks to operation fast and furious and all the other thousands of military AMMO coming from U.S of A. Many assault riffles also from China and Russia..
    When there's a war people on top get richer while the oor get poorer.
    U.S gave Ukraine 42 billion dollars while people in America are suffering from inflation

    1. 42 billion wouldn't even cover 1 day of gas.

    2. 10 17 you are not too bright kid

  5. Puro Tierra Caliente.
    Pueblo Nuevo esta subiendo a la Sierra. Ahi no llegan en 15 minutos.

  6. Doing the "Getting Filthy With Dirt Dance" Too funny!

  7. I'd like to see the dry cleaning bill for this one.


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