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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Tucson, Arizona: Suspected Cartel Members Indicted On 30 Counts Relating To Meth, Fentanyl, Heroin

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Each face a maximum penalty of life in prison

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Arizona has announced a 30-count indictment against 13 people.

The group is facing charges related to the distribution of methamphetamine, fentanyl, cocaine and heroin.

This indictment includes the following:

* Jasiel Soloman Corral-Cinco, 32, of Nogales, Sonora, Mexico.

* Eduardo Martinez-Torres, 38, of Tucson.

* Carlos Edgardo Rincones Vega, 25, of Nogales, Sonora, Mexico.

* Hector Manuel Cruz, 37, of Tucson.

* Angel Ariel-Zubia, 31, of Nogales, Sonora, Mexico.

* Melecio Hernan Garcia, 32, of Rio Rico, Ariz.

* Alejandro Reyes Altamirano, 29, of Tucson.

* Ruben Sebastian Felix-Escamilla, 24, of Sonora, Mexico.

* Jesus Castenada, 22, of Tucson.

* Jose Flores, 32, of Rio Rico, Arizona.

* Alejandro Linares, 35, of Rio Rico, Ariz.

* Eduardo Linares, 36, of Rio Rico, Ariz.

* Alejandro Melendez, 43, of Phoenix.

A federal grand jury in Tucson returned the indictment on Wednesday, May 4. It alleges the 13 were members of a Mexican-based drug trafficking gang. Each person involved faces a maximum penalty of life in prison, and a $10 million fine.

The Tucson Strike Force worked with local, state and federal investigators, as well as the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force to bring this group to justice.



  1. Marcos Ariel Valenzuela-Fonseca, alías, "El Panther" o "El Guero" es el Jefe. Ya está en Nogales, Sonora con su esposa.

  2. Ojalá y se lo quiebren haya

    1. 9:08 allá= there, overthere.
      I hope he escapes, and when caught it will be 10 years minimum litigation for or against extradition

  3. Stupid crash dummies for a few bucks doing times for other idiots


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