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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

11 People Killed in Celaya, Guanajuato. CSRL Suspected.

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat

Please Note: This was a live post which was actively being written and updated, covering the initial reports on a breaking news story. These early reports can sometimes be inaccurate. The live post has now ended.

At roughly 10:00 pm at night, on May 23, 2022, a group of armed men shot a number of people in the Lindavista neighborhood of the city of Celaya, in the state of Guanajuato.  Palco Noticias is reporting that there were at least 15 armed men in the group that attacked but this number is unverified. 

Milenio, El Sol de México and Reforma newspaper are currently reporting 11 victims were killed in the attack, with an undetermined number of additional victims who are currently seriously injured and at risk of dying while they receive medical treatment. 

Some less established news outlets like Codigo News are currently claiming there are 14 deceased victims. 

Azteca Noticias and Telemundo 20  are currently reporting that 7 of the deceased victims are women and 3 are men. 

The victims of the shooting were said to be in or near an establishment located on Azalea Street which functions as both a bar and hotel, according to Milenio. El Universal newspaper is currently reporting that the establishment is called Gala.

Meanwhile, Informativo Agora and Telemundo 20 are currently reporting that there were multiple attacks and that the locations (two bars, one hotel) were all targeted by the gunmen. 

The armed men allegedly opened fire on the establishment(s) and neighbors called the emergency phone line to report the sound of gunshots. The armed men then allegedly threw a number of molotov cocktails in order to set the business(es) on fire.

Telemundo 20  says that victims who were at the establishments, and who managed to hide, reported the attack was brief and lasted little more than a minute. Reporte Baijo writes that witnesses said that the bursts of high-caliber weapons were heard even several kilometers away. They also report that several women left the hotel visibly upset and screaming for help.

The following unverified photos are reported by Twitter account Calvarie_Locus to depict some of the victims of the attack.

Warning: Graphic photos below this point.

Municipal police and state police officers as well as soldiers from the Army (SEDENA) and the National Guard were sent to respond to the scene. At the reported location, they found a number of people outside the buildings, lying on the ground having suffered gunshot injuries. 

Those with vital signs were rushed to receive medical attention. Milenio writes there is no official statement on how many were injured and sent to nearby hospitals as of right now. Azteca Noticias writes there are two victims who are seriously wounded that are at risk of succumbing to their injuries. They are said to have gunshot wounds and burns.

Video Source: Ta' Cabrón Guerrero

Firefighters were also called to attend to the scene after the fire was reported. 

Personnel reportedly spread out and searched for the perpetrators especially after they received reports that other shots occurred on Soto y Gama, Orozco and Berra streets of the Fovissste neighborhood near Tecnologico street. Reporte Baijo says witnesses say these shots were directed at the walls of houses and did not cause injuries. 

The area around Hotel Gala was cordoned off by government personnel and evidence is currently being collected. 

A photo of a narco sign (above), which was allegedly left nearby according to unverified photos shared by API GUERRERO, bears the insignia of the Cártel de Santa Rosa de Lima (CSRL).

Reforma newspaper wrote that “At the scene of the events, a cardboard was found, presumably signed by the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel with threats to the Jalisco New Generation Cartel.”

Twitter account Cavarie Locus uploaded an unverified photo of a different sign (below), which is also alleged to have been placed near the scene of the shooting. It reads a follows:

This happened to me for supporting the Jaliscan whores and being involved with the 3 bagged ones.



The Location of Hotel Gala

Hotel Gala is located at 504 Azalea Street, with the most recent Google street view images, taken in July 2018, showing it as a yellow building with a sun faded sign reading “Hotel Gala. Hot Water, Rooms with TV, Parking” and the hotel’s telephone number. In these street view photos, a bar painted white and blue can be seen next door. In these images the bar has no sign bearing any name, only advertising that they sell Corona beer.


Video Source: Édgar Fabián

Video Source: Azteca Noticias 

Video Source: Milenio

Additional Photos


  1. Building the article with the latest information I can find. If you guys have any links to articles with new information, leave a comment or email me and I will try to add the details.

  2. Borrachines y cantineras los "contras" que tumban esos CDSRL.....

  3. Killing women. Fucking dirty scumbags.

  4. Hey Hearst thank you for these great articles.

    Some people here should learn to say Thank you, to people like Hearst for doing what she does.

    Show common courtesy and say THANKS.

    1. And you should learn how to spell your name 😂😂

    2. 10:44 para tanques, las falenas que trabajan en esos tugurios, antes earn costales de papas ora son tanques de guerra.

  5. My guess would be these bars are where CJNG was selling their drugs & CSRL thought it would be good to heat these spots up...

    -Holden D. Cash

  6. Probably for clear route to Veracruz and other states plus his employees want retail sales

  7. They already have guanajuato its only Celaya where the chilos of cdsr have presence, thats their last strong hold, cjng probably dont care about celaya anymore, they already have all the others routs in guanajuato, so why even bother?

  8. Cause he's greedy. Even though he was making money, he wanted more. He's invaded alot of territory trying to take it over and alot of people have suffered for it. Either directly or indirectly cause of them. He tries to act like the good guy but that's nonsense. There might be a few exceptions but for the most part they bring misery, hardship, abd suffering where they're at. Even in Aguililla, Menchos hometown, when they were in control there, they were victimizing the civilian population. If he's doing that or allowing that in his home town, then that alone speaks for itself

  9. You don't know what you write @2:49. When M2 and El Delta had control of Aguililla and surrounding areas the civilian population was left to tend to their business. As soon as the governor sent the military and state police into the area to "restore the rule of law" Carteles Unidos followed and started exacting revenge on those people who wouldn't support them.


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