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Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Mexican Navy And Customs Seize Approximately 44 Kilograms Of Methamphetamine In The CDMX Airport

 "Ivan" for Borderland Beat 


Mexico City, May 2nd - The Secretariat of the Navy-Mexico Navy (SEMAR) and the National Customs Agency of Mexico (ANAM) report the seizure of an illicit shipment of approximately 44 (forty-four) kilograms of methamphetamine at the Mexico City International Airport (AICM).

As a result of the intelligence work, Mexican Customs personnel carried out a physical inspection of two wooden boxes containing a cylindrical-shaped object lined with black rubber, which was declared as a "box containing supports".

When the merchandise was opened, 42 black packages containing white crystal were detected, so a test was carried out and the result was methamphetamine. For this reason, the support of the Naval Airport Protection Unit (UNAPAP), which is part of the Secretariat of the Navy, was requested.

It is worth mentioning that the coordination was carried out through the Coordinator of the Integral Airport Security Strategy of the CDMX and materialized through the UNAPAP, whose function is to cooperate with the authorities of the three levels of government, as well as airport authorities, to increase the security of the AICM and prevent illegal acts, smuggling and vandalism, among others; as well as to take care of the integrity of the user personnel, operators and facilities.

In compliance with the action protocols, the drugs were secured and placed at the disposal of the competent authorities, in order to integrate the corresponding investigation folder.

The National Customs Agency of Mexico (ANAM) and the Navy-Army of Mexico reaffirm their commitment to join their operational capabilities to comply with the projects implemented by the Government of Mexico.



  1. Shipment made it home, this report is the receipt and further delivery will get done as soon as the waters get quiet.

  2. The Marina did not do much busts last year. All of the sudden they are doing busts, must be political times, as funding can be cut off easily by USA.

    1. 6:03 funding for war ON drugs in México was refused by AMLO about 3 years ago, there could be other cooperation agreements, but I don't follow much, AMLO risks the mexican Refinery in tejas getting confiscated by the US as they did with Venezuelan oil corporation properties, gold, dollars, food stuffs and an economic blockade for refusing to give concessions to foreign rats used to stealing everything all over the world like the Lima Bullshitters.
      These days Biden is trying to kiss and make out with the Bolivarianos after Hugo Chavez helped him steal the Election from "The Unpresedented Disgrace" and to get help sticking Putin's oil up his ass.

  3. These guys are feeding all the white boy meth heads in the USA heavy what happened to marijuana and heroin?

    1. 10:02 Sol se acabo la mariguana del free black market macetero, seis macetas were never going to make him happy enough.

  4. Well marijuana is legal in the many states still majority from the looks like of taxs causing a boom on economy.

    Heroin as mentioned have been times has been replaced by fentanyl in not only the east and Midwest but now it's not only in west coast but Mexican dirt aka black tar isn't even grown via poppy's in Mexico like it was and literally it's become almost obsolete as it has been the case for a decade now in mid to east coast. Once you have a fentanyl habit you need meth just to function without passing out all day making no money for your addiction. Just like if you do Crystal the effects of crack become all of sudden weak same with fentanyl and black tar heroine. If you were to find it which is hard now, you wouldn't feel shit because of the strength of fentanyl.

    As much as the overdoses have been everywhere in the US on fentanyl much hasn't been made on how black tar because it was so much disgusting garbage has caused so many amputees and so many deaths that poor people literally suffering from endocarditis among so many other crazy bacteria infections the most common art abscesses just completely disgusting person affected us that you don't find with fentanyl too much so basically if you have narcan you can survive in the OD most of time versus Odin and also having that's true infections in your heart caused by Black Star garbage has been they're going to do whatever opiates are available it's coming from somebody and struggled with addiction now helping others with addiction and honorable veteran that was provided these drugs when I was in the military only to be pushed up in military and to be stuck on not blaming anybody I'm also somebody that been almost for so long not anymore but I'm telling you what's going on in Los Angeles Midwest and East Coast as I've been all over the place

    1. Tody I get to wash my car, some cat or bird decided to dirty it.

    2. 4:06 ask your wife, women have taken to crapping on their guys shit for their being such assholes, ask Johnny Deep.

    3. Hey Joey - you must be fun at parties


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