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Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Attack on FGE Building in Sultepec, La Familia Michoacana Suspected

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat 

A FGE building near the town of Sultepec de Pedro Ascension, in the state of Mexico, was attacked by cartel members who arrived, according to initial reporting, in a convoy of 20 vehicles. La Familia Michoacana (LFM) is allegedly suspected of being the group behind the attack.

The Attack on the FGE

At approximately 7:00 pm during the evening of Tuesday, May 3, 2022, security for the state Attorney General’s Office (FGE) reported to police that they were being attacked by a group of armed men who had just arrived in a large convoy of vehicles. The office where the attack occurred is located a bit north of the town of Sultepec. 

It is being widely reported that this is the “Regional Prosecutor’s Office of Sultepec '' however the FGE clarified that they have no regional offices in or near the town of Sultepec. The building which was attacked is owned by the FGE however it instead is “used by the FGE and other security agencies as a base of operations when operations are deployed in the southern zone.” 

The building was empty according to the FGE statement except for two Security of the State of Mexico (SSEM) officers who were acting as security and protecting the facility. 

Milenio newspaper reporter Mario C. Rodríguez alleges the armed men arrived in roughly 20 vehicles, according to police radio audio recordings. Meanwhile, Hola Atizapan estimates the number of vehicles at between 20 to 30 and further alleges that 120 men arrived to attack the FGE building. Numbers from initial reports may be inaccurate.

It is believed that the hitmen opened fire on the FGE building and attacked the guards within the building. A video recorded by locals, seen below, captures some of the sounds of the gunfight.

Video Source: Rothriguez

Some of the cartel vehicles moved to create roadblocks on the roadways which lead to the building, in order to prevent reinforcements from being able to reach the location. Large cargo and delivery trucks were commandeered from their drivers by armed hitmen. The trucks were then parked across lanes of traffic and then set on fire. These roadblocks occurred on the Ixtapan-Zacualpan highway and Toluca-Temascaltepec highways, as well as the road that leads to Almoloya de Alquisiras.

Video Source: Agencia MANL

Video Source: Mario C. Rodríguez

Video Source: Fernando Rls

Some of the police radio recordings have been leaked online. The video below captures the moments when the SSEM officers, who are actively taking fire from the hitmen, request for reinforcements from any nearby security forces to help them defend the building and repel the attack.

Video Source: El Informante

In the video they can be heard saying: 

We need support, we are at the Sultepec Prosecutor's Office, we need support.

Support, support for the Sultepec Prosecutor's Office, talk to your fucking coordinators, so that they can be of some use, support.

We have wounded comrades.


A photo of a bloody chair where wounded personnel sat after sustaining a gunshot injury has been posted online. Two members of law enforcement are confirmed to have been injured by their attack, with injuries in the shoulder and though. They are expected to recover from their injuries. The newspaper El Sol de Mexico reports that the attack lasted for at least an hour long.


So which cartel is believed to be behind this attack? Weekly magazine Zeta writes “In this area, bordering Guerrero, authorities have openly acknowledged the operation of organized crime groups, such as La Familia Michoacana, led by the Hurtado Olascoaga brothers (Jhony 'El Mojarro' and Jose 'La Fresa').”

Infobae writes the confrontation was “allegedly coordinated actions by the Familia Michoacana;” and “allegedly it was another ambush led by the Familia Michoacana, a criminal group that dominates the area.”

They also mention “the Hurtado Olascoaga brothers, who are the leaders of the criminal group along with Comandante Mala and Silverio Martinez Hernandez, alias Fierros. Another of its leaders is Medardo Hernández Vera, el Cien or Lalo Mantecas.”



  1. 20 vehicles showed up to attack an empty building with just two guards inside, a building that was widely misreported as being a Regional Prosecutor's Office. Seems strange. What do you guys make of this?

    1. In my opinion the kickbacks stopped working and the police staged the attack on an empty building to demonize their criminal associates...
      Remember the self staged attack on omar hamid garcia harfuch brand new bullet proof SUV??? Off the news as soon as people started calling omarcito's number

  2. The PGR thought ahead, let's make the building look like we have lots of employees working. It was just a facade. Like when USA headed to world War 2 in Paris, they brought a lot of fake air inflated tanks, to confuse the Germans and it worked, in other words FGR building is a decoy building.

  3. Hearst thank you for your great contributions. It's hard to tell what's going on since there's always one group undermining the other etc. Everything is like Vails .......what you see is not really what's going on.

    1. 9:19 Hearst does not dance the 7 veils dance, but I'll give her a dollar if'n she does for us her BB fans and posts the video

    2. A dollar your a cheapskate.
      Get a job, your becoming Gordito sitting on the couch all day, with the laptop.

    3. 12:16 igatta job, a very important essential job, that's what helps me stay on the net all day texting shit with you ingrates.

  4. Wtf I never knew SLP touched Michoacan

    1. It doesn't! I mislabeled Queretaro as SLP. That's what I get for trying to label a map quickly.

    2. 1:47 do you have 2 left feet to dance too?
      I guess you are still lovely

    3. Fixed and updated. Sorry about that guys.

    4. 5:56 you need to learn to say "sorry, but not sorry,
      and I don't give a damn!!!"

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