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Thursday, May 26, 2022

Macuspana, Tabasco: "There Is No Prevention Against Organized Crime"

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

The municipal president of Macuspana, Julio Ernesto Gutiérrez Bocanegra, acknowledged that they cannot prevent the criminal acts committed by organized crime.

"There can be no prevention against organized crime," says mayor of Macuspana

In a brief interview, the mayor was questioned about the homicides that have been recorded ultimately.

He assured that they are working with the state authorities and federation to address the incidents of a criminal nature.

"We are working in coordination with federal and state instances, attending to the criminal phenomenon. It is in the hands of the State Attorney General. "He declared.



  1. Of course there is no prevention of organizated crime, because Mexico's president let's crime run rampant, they keep growing and growing, all the while government curupt officials get bribes. A judge who's name was hidden, let's out some cartel members out of jail, they had been caught with ar-15s drugs, and they were let go in 2 days. Only to kill a family.
    Now no one is talking about it.

  2. In the USA crime has increased after the death ( by fentanyl,meth ,covid19 and heart problems) of a drug junkie thug. The organization which promoted defunding the police stole the donations to buy mansions.

    1. 8:11 the organization did not steal from the Public Trough, still their ignorant crack fueled crimes will not justify one single police police fuck-up abuse of authority, police go to school, get very well paid, they have the cool mind, they know what they are doing what the fuck is their poolice problem?

    2. At 8:11 am. I love the wonderful subtle hints of BLM in the retoric. I'm beginning to think you are the famous one ( we don't say or see his name anymore ) lol. Maybe you are him. But can't help bring about the BLM.

      It is not just blacks that have made things worse. This can be traced back to those precursors and where they are produced. Also the pandemic has not helped at all. Among other things. People have been abusing the system way longer than this. Us hispanics do the same shit. Personally a lot of people don't see the point that we have never been slaves like the African Americans have. I'm not saying we haven't been slaves. I'm just saying that is not to the level where us as a group of people are known for being slaves. So black people have had some bad shit as a whole. If we remove the Ignorant comments and the people that are smart enough to look at things from different angles. We would see that as a race ( us hispanics ) we would probably do all the things that blacks have been doing it have done.

    3. From the abomination of slavery to the abomination of blaming BLM for the ills of the world, people forget another gift from SOME WHITE MEN, The Crack Epidemic, that made some NOW fine black billionaires their seed money from seedy neighborhoods and gang banging for The Man that made billions, not just "seed money".

  3. America becoming to be like Mexico. Americans gun problem is worst than any other country. Let it burn baby!!!!

    1. 10:58 Guns have spoken, they said fuckiurattattatatat...

    2. Uvalde tejas is talking, one 18 year old proves the multibillion dollar school protection industey racket is one more multi billion dollar scam, but it works to keep volunteer parents trying to help their kids from crossing the yellow crime scene tape for HOURS while the tejas cuicos hide by their bullet proof squad cars...


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