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Thursday, May 26, 2022

"Verde" Leaves Head Wrapped as a Present in Guerrero

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat

A person or group calling themselves “Verde” left a narco message next to a box wrapped up like a present which contained a decapitated human head inside in the town of El Coacoyul, in the state of Guerrero.

Warning: Graphic images below this point.

Decapitated Remains Discovered

At approximately 8:00 pm during the night of May 25, 2022, the emergencyphone line received a call which reported the discovery of human remains inside a gift box. The gift box was placed on a table on a sidewalk near Highway 200 in the town of El Coacoyul. 

El Coacoyul is a town that lies just about 5 miles to the east of the port city of Zihuatanejo, the regional capital of the Costa Grande region of Guerrero. Zihuatanejo is one of the most important tourist destinations within Guerrero, in addition to Acapulco, according to federal tourism statistics

Officers were sent to the reported location and there they found a white cardboard box wrapped up to look like a present. The box had a shiny red ribbon and a matching curly bow and was sitting on top of a wooden table, near a bike and a plastic chair. 

Photos posted by cartel news twitter account Calvarie Locus show what was allegedly inside the box: a black plastic bag with a decapitated human head inside. Next to the box was a narco message written on yellow paper which said “Pure pastillas. From, Verde” 

The decapitated body of what is presumed to be the same man had been discovered earlier that same day inside in the nearby town of  El Posquelite, placed within a rain water runoff tunnel.

The Cartel Context

Within the state of Guerrero, groups like Los Rojos, Los Ardillos, Cártel de la Sierra, and Cartel de la Bandera, as well as larger organizations like Cártel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG), among others are believed to be operating. 

According to Narcomappingmx’s data on cartel messages, there were no narco signs left within Zihuatanejo municipality or any of the neighboring municipalities throughout the whole year of 2021, which makes this message and the remains a significant discovery.

Photos from the May 1, 2022, attack at a palenque in Zihuatanejo, Guerrero.

This relative safety in Zihuatanejo has changed recently. Earlier this month, a palenque (cock fighting ring) was shot up and Oliver Sánchez Coria, alias “El Ruso”, was killed in an attack by rival cartel members.  (Not to be confused with the recent palenque shooting in Michoacan, which was a seperate and unrelated event)

El Ruso was believed to be a leader of the cartel group Guardia Guerrerense, according to Milenio newspaper. El Ruso was known to have worked under Itiel Palacios Garcia, alias “El Playa”. Together they fought against Crescencio Arreola de Santa Rosa, alias “El Chano”.

Just how “Verde” fits into the current outbreak of cartel executions in Zihuatanejo is unknown at this time.

Head in Coacoyul Sources: Quadratin, API Guerrero, A News, El Sol de Chilpancingo, Diario Alternativo, Diario 21, Calvarie Locus, Pedro967506833, La Opinion


  1. Why can't powerful cartels such as CJNG and Sinaloa monopolize entire states and deny other groups the use of that state? Insufficient manpower or lack of political reach or what?

    1. I would personally guess it's because states like this offer a low ROI.

      Unless you are using the locations (like the port cities) for an aspect of a drug shipment route destined for another country, then controlling street corners within a state might not be that profitable compared to other markets.

      Selling drugs in cities that are vacation spots for international tourists might be worthwhile for large organizations like CJNG but outside of those spots, maybe it isn't worth it.

    2. Which is to say, in my personal opinion, it may not have to do with a lack of political connections or manpower. Large organizations may not being interested in owning certain states completely. Let me know if you guys disagree though. I'd be interested to hear what you guys believe.

    3. I think the greed is too much at this point to let some things work. Possibly animosity from them killing each other and anger and the drugs clouding the judgement. Because these guys also use drugs to not only cope but to stay up and deal with the issues ( to make faster more blunt decision. ). But at the same time those same drugs also make you act out an make angry decisions an that creates issue when it comes to the working together).

    4. I think Blanko is
      Lil Nutts Truther.

    5. Nope I'm not him. I am someone else. Also I'm not racist. Not saying thruther is or isn't. But ALOT of people here seem to have some racist agenda.

    6. Blanko we all know you have some racist in you, but it's ok to hide it.

    7. Thinking it is all about drugs is wrong, it is about wood, uranium, gold, tourism, power generation, and revolutionary teachers' college students, not for nothing Guerrero has been scene of many revolutions, even before the independence of Mexico got pushed aside by US getting Vicente Guerrero, the first black president of Mexico murdered during dinner aboard the Boat Ipiranga.
      All politics may be local, but the big money goes to the biggest banks penny by penny.

  2. when will this insanity end?

    1. People can't leave shit up to "the government" anymore, it has been too corrupt for so long that the contamination survives and strives everywhere including justice courts and law enforcement.
      Dear Leader Mao Tse Tung, Uncle Ho, Fidel Castro, Pol Pot without money or resources had to resort to people's brigades and Red Guards to keep their countries safe as possible, and they worked, for their daily cup of rice and no other benefits.
      An advanced society like ours should not need to become communist or autocratic to achieve security for its citizens, including free grifa and shit...

    2. Well when all the citizens take up arms, learn to handle weapons and not be afraid to shoot at the criminals

    3. 12:26 no chance for bullshit, in México the real revolution will be a pedradas y garrotazos, Mussolini and ceausescu and the French monarchy, khadaffi or the last Czar experienced real revolution,
      no insurrectionist mamadas like Jan6 USA

  3. What ever happened to El Tequilero??

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