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Monday, April 11, 2022

Yahualica de González Gallo, Jalisco: Confrontation Between CJNG And The National Guard Ends In A Clash

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A dead hitman and a wounded element from the National Guard is the end result of a shootout in Yahualica, territory where the Jalisco New Generation Cartel dominates

Confrontation between the CJNG and the National Guard leaves a hit man dead in Yahualica, Jalisco, Mexico.

Hitmen from the Jalisco New Generation Cartel clashed with elements of the National Guard in Yahualica, territory where the CJNG dominates. However, everything ended in a strong crash, a criminal died and a member of the Federal Forces was injured, but the doctors have reported him as being in stable condition. Videos and photographs of the trucks that crashed in the streets of the state of Jalisco, located on the Pacific coast of Mexico, circulate on social networks.

One sicario killed and one Mexican National Guardsman injured after gun battle in Yahualica, Jalisco. Sicarios were traveling in two pick up trucks. Video is aftermath of the engagement.

The gunmen were traveling aboard two armored vehicles, they came from the violent state of Zacatecas, but upon entering Jalisco they ran into the National Guard and a shootout broke out. The gunmen tried to flee at full speed, their vehicles overturned and one of them was killed instantly; while a Guard was left injured. It should be noted that the unit of criminals crashed into other cars that were parked and knocked down a light pole. 

An assault rifle, a bulletproof vest and communication radios that were used by drug traffickers were also left on the street at the crash site. The Attorney General's Office (FGR) is expected to take charge of the investigations in this case. At the moment the state authorities have not informed if there were detainees.

Political Ties

In the midst of this incident, the federal Public Security Secretariat announced that it had identified Gustavo Abigaíl "N", son of the local PRI deputy, Gustavo Díaz Sánchez, as the regional leader for the Jalisco New Generation Cartel in Tehuantepec and the Papaloapan Basin. in Oaxaca, in the south of the country; as well as in some municipalities of the state of Veracruz.

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  1. The criminal men came from the violent State of Zacatecas whommmm remind me not to travel Zacatecas La Opinion says it is very very very violent.

  2. Zacatecas is a beautiful place with a lot of history. To bad it looks dangerous nowadays.

  3. Replies
    1. They always should. Cartels , even their disque Elite armed wings have maybe 1/5 the training the average National Guardsmen have. Also GN trains constantly and or require scheduled "exams" or training to make sure they remember and practice to be at the best of their abilities
      Only some of the sicarios get sent to the sierra to train under ex military, SOF ,Policemen etc. The training is usually short and not focused on detail compared to govt training. Very basic im assuming and the standards are fairly low.
      Unless youre ex Military. Policemen etc and those around you are as well, and yall can work well as a team , have great leadership then maybe u stand a chance against an even number but those guys are usually closest circle to the capos or part of their immediate grupo de escoltas

    2. Sosa welcome back long time no see, how was vacationing in Cancun? Is it true they say you look like Danny Trejo that Was in El Machete.

    3. 7:35 sure shorter than Machete with an even smaller puñal to be able to mix with southern mujes.

  4. GN and NAVY rarely let public know of their casualties when killed

    1. Yeah, you ain't lieing, that's for sure. I always thought it was messed up cause in my eyes they ain't even recognizing the individual who paid the ultimate cost and sacrifice. They sacrifice their lives and ain't even recognized for it, they prefer not to tarnish their fantasized reputation of being invincible which everyone knows is a bunch of nonsense. And in the process end up snubbing a man who lost his life in what is supposed to be a cause and lose respect for their action. Instead of doing that they should scream their names and honor them, not ignore or deny the fact like it didn't matter or exist. Even the cartels try to take their comrades in battle when they're killed and honor them with songs so they wont be forgotten. Who would you prefer to die for people? The army who will act like you never existed, or a cartel who is going to pay homage to you for your sacrifice?

    2. They don't publicly recognize fallen military because the last time a soldier was received full military honors, the cartel went after the fallen soldier's whole family

    3. 2009 after the Death of Arturo Beltrán Leyva. The government buried a marine in full honor, BLO came back and attacked the family, killed many including the soldiers mother, and set a school on fire

  5. 12:38 one dead vs one GN hurt,
    how many CJNG escaped?
    More checkpoints could help bad ass mophakas stay home, but messikin melitary and police need to stay in the base watching messikin soap operas.

  6. This town is logistically tough. My family is from that town. All major roads in that area end at that town. You got Zacatecas Aguascalientes and Guanajuato within an hour Michoacán within two. There's always stuff going on around there

    1. Nochistlan, yahualica, coquillo Manalisco. Very beautiful region.

    2. Very beautiful. Too bad it's in the situation it's at now. I spent six months out there last year. CDS locked out all coms in the town, picked up the punteros and attacked nochsitlan. Lasted two days with no coms and GN was all over the place for weeks after

  7. 1:25 puro pinchi rancho mierdero caca de burro...


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