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Monday, April 11, 2022

Tejupilco de Hidalgo, Edomex: Armed Cell Speaks Out Against Crime Mobs

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

A new gang of armed men from eastern Michoacan have risen up in arms against the Familia Michoacána, the Correa and Lalo Mantecas criminal cells. Dominate mobs who impose fee collections, extortion and kidnappings. This recent particular group have dubbed themselves Plaza Nueva. 

* At the time of this video release the musical groups that were to perform at the Tejupilco state fair had yet to appear. The artists went on to perform on April 2 through April 10 without a hitch. More than likely security was beefed up to avoid problems. 

Nonetheless, Plaza Nueva is a new armed criminal cell that has risen within the Mexican underworld. It remains to be seen if they’re in any way related to what many have assumed is the now defunct Nueva Plaza, formerly led by Carlos Enrique Sanchez Martinez aka El Cholo.

Video translation is as follows:

Sicario spokesman: This message goes out to everyone that will perform at the Tejupilco fair. Such as Los Tucanes de Tijuana, Julian Alvarez, Los Dos Carnales, Chuy Lizárraga, and Remmy Valenzuela. Whoever decides to disobey our warnings will suffer the consequences. In light of the fact that you artists are vulnerable. This problem of ours isn't against you guys. But it is against those individuals that you're coming out to perform for.

Since they’re so worthy of having their big parties and enjoying their great luxuries. Whereas we the poor aren’t worthy of having more than 5 hens or a pig to eat. We don't even have as much as a solar thermal heating system because we have to pay 500 pesos for it's availability. It's our hope that you guys can understand us and that you take side with the underprivileged.

We only earn 200 pesos a day. We're also many here in manpower, with a ratio of 1000 per 1000 fighting against 2000 of our enemies. That are all being lead by a gang of dumb asses. Who in turn are also being attended to by yet another gang of fools. This communique goes out to all the musical groups who are not from the southern states. As well as for everyone who assists the Familia Michoacána. You might go on to have many problems because of this. 

But for the time being we're cutting off your active ways. We will now remind everyone of certain ways that we have and they don't. These actions will be made to demonstrate to everyone that money isn't everything in life. We hope that all countrymen can finally open their eyes and not further the crimes of this gang of dumb asses. They've reached the point where in order for us to live in our own homes we now have to pay extortion.

The government does nothing to stop this. Therefore this will not end until they stop extorting us. No man rules over another. This war has now just begun. And we will have a superior outcome for the well being of our families. Whoever performs at the Tejupilco fair will be attacked wherever you find yourselves. You may enter but your departure isn't guaranteed. Sincerely, Plaza Nueva.

Hitmen scream in unison: Plaza Nueva!!!

Pedro 967

La Razón


  1. -Come llamarte?
    -ah Pedorro?
    Coming in the Big Door with a kidnapping of a musical group does not augur a great future to Pedorro and his Sicarios...
    memembe Kombo Kolombia?

  2. Sir did you bring rubbing alcohol?
    I need my Nalgas masussue.

    1. 10:28 I can ream your ass with a corn cob, no vaseline.

    2. 10:28 lol kinky Maricon 😂

  3. They say they don't even have 5 hens or a pig to eat... Ja, funny. They're so poor that they had to borrow their assault rifles, tactical vests and masks. They even had to borrow a phone to record this video. Calling themselves Plaza Nueva doesn't mean they're a cartel and make money. It's just cause they liked the sound of the name and they have to call themselves something to get people to understand.


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