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Friday, April 29, 2022

Urique, Chihuahua: Kidnapped Victim Rescued, Arsenal, Drugs, And Weapons Seized

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The state prosecutor's office announced that in two interventions carried out with SEMAR, they rescued an abducted person and seized an arsenal, drugs and vehicles in the municipality of Urique

The seized arsenal is made up of: 81 weapons (65 rifles and 16 pistols, 14 40-caliber grenades, 5 grenade launcher attachments, 240 magazines of different calibers, 17,871 cartridges of different calibers, cocaine, opium gum, crystal meth and poppy seed ; also 6 vehicles, two with armor and one with firing attachments.

This is the official statement

Due to the intelligence work of the Secretary of the Navy, with the support of the State Attorney General's Office, two interventions were carried out in the municipality of Urique; in the first, it was possible to rescue an abducted victim and arrest the alleged perpetrators. While in the other action drugs, tactical equipment and vehicles were seized.

These operations were carried out as part of the search efforts to capture one of the main generators of violence in that area, where, according to the analyses, his presence has been documented. As well as the mobilization of people who under his command carry out unlawful acts.

The first intervention took place at the exit from Bahuichivo to Cerocahui, where the agents located three pick-up vehicles, which were manned by heavily armed men.

While following them, they tried to flee. However, two of them were caught, achieving the rescue of an abducted person, who was brought in one of the units.

The detainees respond to the names of Juan de Dios S. G., 29 years old and the minor with initials C.A.C.L. 16 years old. Seized also were 2 long AK-47 weapons and a short weapon.

The other intervention was carried out after a tour of the town, where state and federal forces located a warehouse, assuring the following:

• 65 long weapons of different brands and calibers.

• 16 handguns, of different brands and calibers.

• 14 40 caliber grenades.

• 5 40 caliber grenade launcher attachments.

• 240 magazines of different calibers.

• 17,871 rounds of different calibers.

• 36 ballistic vests.

• 14 tactical vests.

• 22 chest rugs. 

• 5 ballistic helmets.

Regarding the seized drug, the following was reported:

• 3 kilograms (approximately) of Cocaine Hydrochloride.

• 450 kilograms (approximately) of opium gum paste.

• 44 pounds of crystal meth.

• 1 pound of poppy seed.

The vehicles recovered with a report of theft are the following:

• Dodge brand pickup, Ram line, red, model 2020, equipped with a rifle attachment, reported stolen in Chihuahua on December 2, 2020.

• Ford brand pickup, F-150 line, red color, model 2019, reported stolen in the state of Arizona on March 16, 2020.

• Pickup brand GMC, Vigus line, white, model 2020, reported stolen in Chihuahua on February 08, 2022.

The insured vehicles are the following:

• Pickup, Dodge brand, Ram line, gray, model 2022, equipped with armor.

• Pickup, Ford brand, Lobo line, gray, 2015 model, equipped with armor.

• Wagon, Jeep brand, Wrangler line, red color, 2020 model, with license plate from the state of Sinaloa.

The Secretary of the Navy participated in the actions with the deployment of two helicopters. As well as with the support of the State Investigation Agency of the FGE.

The detained persons were placed at the disposal of the Public Ministry for the crimes of kidnapping, illegal possession of a firearm for the exclusive use of the Army, and possession of a vehicle with a report of theft.

Meanwhile, the weapons, the tactical equipment, the drugs and the seized vehicles will be consigned to the corresponding authority.

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  1. Which cartel had all that contraband? Good siezure and arrests, but I have read in here after the bribe is paid to the Curupt judge they are set free and their guns are returned.

    1. 7:56 yeah man, 8 peisos will do the job...

  2. When corrupt sh@# like that happens, they would have to find a judge willing to take that bribe and find an upper ranked military official involved in that incident that would be willing to take that bribe and sell the weapons back. If it were to happen, it might be one not both, not in these times when AMLO has all these open investigations on all kids of people and people are getting locked up and/ or fired. It's a slow process but he's trying.bAll the corruption is slowing him down but there's progress. It just came out that the main investigator in charge of that is corrupt. They found all kinds of sh@#. That fool has like 17 properties. Same thing with the president of the PRI, but worse. Always new he was corrupt. Latinus is corrupt as hell, Loret. All kinds of things has been coming out on them lately. But it's hard to process them criminally cause of how these corrupt mfs have hade free reign these last few decades to modify and tailor laws in there benifit. Slowly but surely AMLO is dismantling all that. He should get another 6 years. He's patient and a master chess player. Seriously. Even I've been like wtf is he doing, but when the dust settles I'm like , this man is a genius.

    1. Allowing alejandro gertz manero, carlos slim helu, cienpedos, omar hamid garcia Harfuch, durazo, monrial, former DFS elements, CISEN, polesias and melitary with long tenured membership like luis cresencio sandoval in his cabinet, puts AMLO and his MORENA and México at risk,
      Presidente Madero kept the federal armies full of traitor porfirista armies and disbanded the revolutionaries and soon paid with his ass along with his best friends and cabinet members arses, Salvador Allende of Chile did the exact same mistake...

  3. The Caudillo will be gone soon, about 2 and a half years, or he could die tomorrow to give the vultures back their everything...
    Successors like Mexico city mayor sheinbaum stink of corruption, she from the Crookins Institute, others from alliances with PRI, PAN , MC, PRD, PT, PVEM...namely grasshopper recky monrial...then what?
    Pray that AMLO has plans other than goin back home to La Chingada, his ranch

  4. Replies
    1. 12:20 de la que te escapaste...
      si lo agarran te lo entierran


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