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Friday, April 29, 2022

Laisha Oseguera, Daughter Of "El Mencho", Can Be Apprehended, Denied Suspension Of Protective Order

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Laisha Michelle Oseguera and her romantic partner, Christian Fernando Gutiérrez Ochoa, allegedly executed the kidnapping of two elements of the Ministry of the Navy (Semar).

A federal judge rejected the request to suspend an arrest warrant against the daughter of Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, El Mencho, Laisha Michelle Oseguera González, accused of her alleged involvement in the kidnapping of two sailors in Zapopan, Jalisco, which occurred after the arrest of Rosalinda González, wife of the drug lord.

The magistrate of the Fourth District Court of Amparo in Criminal Matters rejected the legal appeal filed by the defense of Laisha Michelle, since he had previously obtained a similar appeal.

"Laisha Michelle Oseguera González is denied the definitive suspension against the act and authority that were specified in the first result of this resolution, by virtue of the reasoning set out in the single recital," the court's decision said.

Although the authorities have not reported on the nature of the arrest warrant against her, it has surfaced that it has to do with the kidnapping of two elements of the Armed Navy, who disappeared after the capture of Rosalinda Valencia, wife of the leader of the CJNG.

Laisha Michelle had already processed similar legal appeals on previous occasions, as her defense managed to obtain suspensions against arrest warrants before local and federal courts and tribunals, which granted immunity against the completion of arrests against her.

In December 2021, the woman paid an economic guarantee of 5,000 pesos to prevent her from being captured for crimes that don’t merit pretrial detention, an agreement that was published by the Council of the Federal Judiciary (CJF) and was processed in November 2021.

Laisha Michelle Oseguera and her romantic partner, Christian Fernando Gutiérrez Ochoa, allegedly executed the kidnapping of two elements of the Ministry of the Navy (Semar), who were inside an official vehicle at the time of being abducted. 

On November 17, 2021, a corporal driver and a second infantry master, attached to the Eighth Naval Zone of Puerto Vallarta, went in the company of a Navy command to a Wal-Mart store located between Aviación Santa Margarita Avenues in the Valle Real neighborhood in Zapopan, Jalisco.

A day after the disappearance of the uniformed personnel, the unit in which they were traveling was found in the same entity in which they disappeared, the white Jeep Wrangler  with JLS-1552 plates was located on the corner between Santa Anita and Agua Escondida streets in the El Campanario de Zapopan neighborhood.

Four days after their disappearance, both elements of the Navy were found on a highway in Puerto Vallarta, about 300 kilometers from the place where they had been kidnapped.

According to official reports, a couple of municipal policemen located the stranded uniformed men with their faces covered. They came to their aid, before which both identified themselves as elements of the Semar and were later released.

For their part, the federal authorities reported that the uniformed personnel didn’t have life-threatening injuries, but the man had blows on various parts of his body.

In a statement, Semar announced that "when they were located, the National Guard informed the Naval Command through the C4. Immediately the security and naval health personnel went to the designated area, where the Municipal Police were already carrying out actions.


    but at least the melitary were not injured, when the melitary kidnap and disappear people for good it can be assumed it was illegal and that the disappeared got injured.
    Ask mexican navy admiral doctor manuel mondragon y kalb, "specialist in sudden attacks" whose grandpa, mexican army general porfirista who swore loyalty and then betrayed México and was involved in the murder of Presidente Madero, his brother and other members of his cabinet to install giniral secretary of defense and professional mariguano Vctoriano Huerta, as planned by US Ambassador whatsis name
    Henry Lane Wilson...
    Members of a mexican navy without honor, still silent after their crime of Ayotzinapa deserve no considerations.

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  3. It clearly states that one of them was injured. And you cant blame someone for something their relatives or ancestors did. Just like that corrido by Beto Quintanilla where one brother is a narco and the other brother is head of police. They take his dope and he tells his brother he could get it back and he says he's not doing that. They end up getting into it and the cop ends up killing his brother. They were brothers on both sides of the law and had different principles. Anyways, you know that this denial of amparo was cause of what happened yesterday . The kidnapping of the two Guardia Nacional women. Dummies bring heat to themselves. Let's see if Mencho takes it out on them fools behind it.

    1. Wouldn't be surprised if we see a manta or a video by CJNG blaming Carteles Unidos. Seems to be the modus of operandi cuando calientan la plaza.

    2. 10:58 if La Mencha gets mad at us i am blaming you.


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