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Thursday, April 21, 2022

The Maldonado Mejía Family: Criminals Behind Spectacular Escapes, Kidnapping Of Migrants And Fuel theft In The Country

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

With more than a decade behind illicit activities such as smuggling and kidnapping of migrants, theft of fuel from Pemex pipelines, and extortion. The Maldonado Mejía clan, originally from Michoacán, is still active and operating in different parts of the country, as demonstrated by the recapture of  José Artemio "El Michoacáno", who escaped from a prison in Hidalgo last December, helped by an armed criminal cell that blew up vehicles to facilitate what was the third escape of a Maldonado Mejía from a penitentiary center.

On the morning of December 1, 2021, some thirty hit men recruited in Michoacán and the State of Mexico, with knowledge in handling vehicles, weapons and explosives, began the operation to rescue José Artemio Maldonado Mejía from the Tula prison, Hidalgo. , leader of the "Pueblos Unidos" cartel.

Along with the well-known "Michoacano", "El R" or "El Rabias", 8 other subjects were rescued, imprisoned for kidnapping or homicide. While a truck with an armored vehicle was used to tear down a perimeter wall, three vehicles were loaded with explosives to distract the attention of the authorities, hinder their passage and facilitate the escape of the inmates.

In that prison in Tula, not only was Maldonado Mejía interned. So were, José Artemio “El Michoacano”, Mariano alias “El Gordo” or “M1”, and José Antonio, “El Pilo”; According to telephone conversations that the brothers had, whose records are in the hands of the national press, while El Michoacano was at liberty, he planned to free his two brothers, and had already taken charge of drawing up plans, collecting weapons and vehicles, and recruiting hit men. But his arrest at the end of November forced him to use these resources for his own escape from prison.

That morning of December 1, Mariano Maldonado Mejía, "El Gordo" or "M1", second in the structure of "Pueblos Unidos", also escaped, and continues to be a fugitive.

Pueblos Unidos is a criminal organization involved in kidnapping and extortion, and that fights with other groups for control of the Pemex pipelines in the Mezquital Valley of Hidalgo, as well as on the border with Querétaro and the State of Mexico.

Until 2015, the date of his capture by federal authorities, Mariano, "El M1", was the leader of the criminal group "Los Emes", named in allusion to his surnames Maldonado Mejía, an organization integrated and led by the brothers Mariano, José Artemio, Lucio, Gerardo, Sara and Reyna.

Before forming their own criminal groups, the Maldonado Mejías had their forte in the kidnapping of migrants. Mariano and his brother Lucio – the latter who was rescued in 2012 while being transferred from a prison in Pachuca to a hospital – migrated to the north of the country, settling in Mexicali, Baja California, where they founded “Los Emes”. The rest of the brothers maintained the operation of the criminal group in Hidalgo, State of Mexico, Mexico City and Puebla.

With the capture of "M1", in 2015, his sister Sara Maldonado restructured Los Emes, refining her kidnapping network and venturing into the real estate sector, until her death in mysterious circumstances.

Another brother, Gerardo Maldonado Mejía, alias “El Shrek”, settled in the Doctores neighborhood in Mexico City, where he housed his brother, “El Michoacano”, after his most recent escape. Both were arrested last Monday.

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  1. Sol, these "explosives." Any clue as to the nature of the explosives commonly attributed to cartels?? Gasoline, ammonium nitrate, or something more sophisticated?

    1. As far as I know they haven't been too specific about those explosives used. Ammonia nitrate is always in abundance in farming regions though. Just like muriatic acid is readily available at any hardware store. 

    2. Any relation to the last emperor of Hidalgo State miguel angel osorio chong?
      Now a federal senator he is still dreaming of becoming "presidente" but was trying with javier duarte de ochoa to create the military zone of the Huasteca with their own armed forces and shit...mexican army opposed that crap 100%.

  2. I wonder what happened to Grillonautas2. They have not uploaded any videos in the past 10 days. I hope they are all OK.

  3. 9:10 ioan ran out of official government contact dicks to suck for subsidized reports and chayote.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I thought their segments on politics were pretty unbiased... there was one incident where the raspy voiced reporter made a personal attack on Dr. Mireles which in my opinion was unprofessional, but other than that I thought their reporting was good. Always leaving it to the viewer to come to their own conclusions. Something seldomly seen from even independent news sources as they are all trying to sway the publics opinion to the right or left.

    3. If you are convinced of your convictions, do not even try and pretend lack of bias, get informed, pick a side and put your ass on the line for it, don't try to massage everybody's nalgas into neutral happiness.

    4. SIR, reporters are supposed to report unbiased news. Otherwise fake news starts getting reported and more then not they're an unreliable news source. Oh, and by the way, 10:48, el señor Grillo himself was interviewing a Morena party member and he seemed kind of biased with his you could say attack on that morenista. To me he seemed very pro PRIAN a at the very least was defending them. But yeah, for the most part he does some pretty good reporting

    5. 12:25 you said it, like jorge ramos, apparently decent guys working for their moneyed masters, but nobody like sean hannity, tucker Carlson, Alex jones, rush Limbaugh, laura ingraham, judge Jemima, and the rest of their Fawx News cohorts, paid to toe the company line of john Rhodes heir, Australian pitecanthropus Robert murdoch.
      In their defense, they said in court "no adult would believe their crap" they pass for freedom of espreshun that has made them millionaires...
      Ioan grillo and jorge ramos are alike but Ramos has made more money off his beautiful face wome love soo much, like EPNs.


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