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Thursday, April 21, 2022

Mexico City: Briela Sanz Narrates Her Version Of Events

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

They say that in prison and in a hospital you know who your real friends are. Gaby, better known as Briela Sanz, had to spend six weeks in prison to find out who she was counting on.

In January of this year, the ex-participant of the tv series "Falling in love" was traveling in a vehicle with a man through the streets of CDMX, when they were arrested. They were accused of drug dealing, bribery and concealment; Gaby left jail and now she takes everything philosophically, although she opens her eyes more when it comes to who approaches her.

"I trusted the person I was with. I thought, 'he asked me out, I don't think I'm going to have any problems', I thought they were stopping us for a simple traffic problem, something minimal. I never imagined that in a second my life would change," the model tells EL UNIVERSAL's "El Gráfico".

Sanz had also been singled out because in a video she played with the idea of ​​being a "cannabis mermaid" who liked "jackals". Then, she was linked to Oscar Andres aka "El Lunares", alleged leader of La Unión Tepito. Did that relationship exist?, we question her.

"That caused me a big problem. Whatever I did, they related me to a drug network and it wasn't like that, I never met him," says Gaby.

She clarifies that as an 'influencer' many people approach her to ask for a photo or a greeting and that's how it all started. She claims that a photo that she took with a person, who did know Oscar, was enough for her to even be labeled as one of the girlfriends of the "Union Tepito" gang. 

"From there they linked me to him and that influenced the time of my arrest, because the police told me: "You are not leaving anymore because you were this person's girlfriend." Today I can show that I do not owe anyone anything and I have not dated people who have something to do with crime. 

"I was the victim of an abuse of power; everything was staged. I don't want to say that all security is bad, but there are bad elements that defamed me and maybe they thought that they would receive a medal in this manner."

Sanz believes that her only fault was not having raised her voice in time.

The "Falling In Love" tv series was a great springboard, I was looking for people to get to know me and I loved that people came closer. I didn't see the danger coming, I thought, 'oh, x, people are getting to know me, be it bad or good.' Television makes you famous and then it turns on you. I'm not a bad person, I just made bad decisions at one point."

Of José, that man who accompanied her the day of her arrest, she knows nothing more. "Our encounter was a debut and farewell, I have no contact with that person," says Gaby and she accepts that she met him through networks.

"I allowed myself to be swept away by a person who tried to dazzle me; I thought it was feasible to give an opportunity to someone who was not an artist nor was he in the middle. Thus, life taught me that you cannot trust just anyone. I risked my life, I could’ve never even have gotten out of there, ended up in a hole, my family could’ve cried for me or not found me anymore. God gave me a second chance. "

An office worker. Free of charges, now, the interpreter of '‘Enrola’ is willing to resume her career and launch a new single in the urban genre.

"If my enemies couldn’t break me within the six weeks that I was incarcerated. Then they best watch out because I’m making a rebound," says Briela.

Among her plans is to continue with her Administration studies, while she alternates her desk job with the spotlight.

"I have been working at the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) for seven years, a company that supported me a lot. It is a normal job, with a normal salary. I love my life as an 'office worker', because it also allowed me to support my family, my studies and continue to grow, I am a struggling woman, capable of getting ahead and paying her own way".

"Being incarcerated helps you to realize who your true friends and family are. Once you leave jail you come out to battle but with more precautions", expresses the singer. 

Briela Sanz - Enrola

El Gráfico


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