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Thursday, April 14, 2022

The Majesty And Decay Of The CJNG

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Mexican prosecutors shouldn’t have problems collecting evidence in order to move forward with criminal proceedings against a defendant within the halls of justice. 

Those cold hard facts are readily available for collection nowadays with the generation of today’s society who remain intent on openly displaying for the world their exhibitionistic way of life.  

Hordes of underworld advocates without apprehension or fear of the law. Continue to deliberately release their open secrets, their digital trophies, their out right allegiance to organized crime. 

Benito Gonzalez


  1. No se les olvide raza
    Que en la mafia no hay parentesco.

    1. Negrata is #1 my mom can beat your mom.
      Cjng going down.

  2. Lol some of these cartel guys are attention whores like a bimbo with a brand-new brazillian buttlift..with all their mantas n videos..they might as well be on tik tok n onlyfans..then again they probably are smh

    1. 10:35 gallinas and burras pardas without Brazilian butt lift are not losing any sleep or clientele to said bimbos

  3. Replies
    1. With these drug trafficking organizations, whether it be the CJNG or CDS, there is a peculiar dark grandeur about them. The influence that they hold clearly seduces and sways many into their ranks.

  4. They fall like dominoes they make and spend money showing off at the end they can't pay for a defense dream team like OJ in court but that jerk got away with murder and came out broke selling his football collection to settle a civil lawsuit .

  5. OJ did not pay, his insurance did.


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