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Monday, April 18, 2022

Remembering Rosario Ibarra, Mexico’s Champion Of The Disappeared

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

As she searched for answers about her son who went missing, she became a “pioneer in the defense of human rights, peace and democracy in Mexico."

Rosario Ibarra, whose long struggle to learn the fate of her disappeared son helped develop Mexico’s human rights movement and led her to become the country’s first female presidential candidate, died Saturday at age 95.

The National Human Rights Commission now headed by her daughter Rosario Piedra announced the death on its Twitter account, calling her a “pioneer in the defense of human rights, peace and democracy in Mexico.”

She died in the northern city of Monterrey following several years of failing health.

Ibarra’s son Jesus Piedra belonged to an armed communist group and disappeared, apparently at the hands of authorities, after being accused of killing a police officer.

Ibarra founded the Eureka Committee, a movement demanding information about the fate of her son and other disappeared persons, though his case was never fully clarified.

She was the first woman to appear on a Mexican presidential ballot in 1982, though she won relatively few votes for the Revolutionary Party of the Workers. She was twice a federal deputy and once a senator.

“We will always remember her most profound love for the children and her solidarity with whose who suffered because of the disappearance of their loved ones,” tweeted President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, whom she considered a friend.

Still, even during López Obrador’s administration, in 2019, she refused an honor voted by the Senate, saying she would only accept it when Mexico learns the truth about its disappeared, who now number nearly 100,000 — 98% of them from 2006 onward, during an era of cartel violence rather than “dirty war” politics.

“I don’t want my struggle to be unfinished,” she said then in a text read by her daughter because health prevented her from appearing.

Referring to the president, she added, “I leave in your hands the custody of so precious a recognition and ask you to return it to me with the truth about the whereabouts of our loved and missed children and relatives.”

Her decades-long demands for information — as well as amnesty for political prisoners — took the form of marches, hunger strikes, visits to military prisons and to United Nations offices and made her a widely respected figure on the left.

When López Obrador alleged fraud in the 2006 presidential election that he very narrowly lost, he chose Ibarra to present him with a presidential sash of office in a ceremony declaring him “legitimate president.”

After his universally recognized victory in 2018, Ibarra urged him in her message before the Senate “not to permit that the violence and perversity of the earlier governments continues to lie in wait.”

She lamented that force disappearances continued in Mexico and called once more for progress:

“The families of Eureka continue today the same as a few years ago,” she said in the letter read by her daughter. “The open wound will stop bleeding only when we know where our (loved ones) are.”

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  1. déjame aclararte esto para que lo sepas. los comunistas no tienen lugar para mí y buscan destruir lo que los míos han trabajado tan diligentemente en obediencia para que yo tenga. no tengo mucho pero si tengo por lo que tanto trabajaron para presentarles. en estos estados unidos de América puedes libremente no creer que Jesús no existe y ganarte bien la vida con cualquiera que sea tu creencia. Sin embargo, en el momento en que empieces a imponer que Jesús no es real por aquí, sé que te voy a mandar a la berga, es el único que tengo y me iré al infierno quebrandote los frenos a tu culo.

    1. My back needs some rubbing Mijo.

    2. 11:36 looks like Jesus te ha mandado a la verga...
      Repent serpent of satan!!!

  2. Rosario Ibarra de Piedra had a son, member of "Liga Comunista 23 de Septiembre" he was captured by the DFS direction federal de seguridad, comandante Miguel Nazar Haro tortured y desaparecido, the lebanese wing of mexican cops included Julian Slim Helu, also DFS, The sin that had to be paid was that Eugenio Garza Sada, the harvard educated businessman and beer mogul was refusing to let Emilio Azcarraga continue bleeding his ass for money for the televisa estadio Azteca, and that was enough to kidnap and murder don eugenio...Miguel Nazar Haro and fernando Gutierrez barrios politely denied any knowledge of the whereabouts of doña Rosario's son and were very polite and helpful when she would come looking for news about her son, but fernando gutierres barrios was also funding the Liga Comunista and other groups, just to have some communist elements to fight for his masters on the CIA and the US while being a good friend of Fidel Castro since fidel was in Mexico planning the invasion of Cuba aboard the Granma...
    Doña Rosario got played for the rest of her life, while the DFS changed names and skins like the snake it is, AMLO keeps trying but has too many snakes in his room.
    Former member of LC 23 de S Jesus "el tragabalas" Zambrano now presides over the PRD former party of AMLO, he got shot in the snout and became an informer for the government ever since.
    Let's not get played like Doña Rosario, respectfully.

  3. Not much is done for Human Rights in Mexico.

  4. Ok, her son was a communist I get it, not good. But, can you imagine devoting 50 years of your life for the peace of families everywhere for disappeared sons and daughters? All these mothers that keep fighting for the Justice, they must deep down know will never come? It seems like after awhile you probably do it just to be their for the other mother who has a child that was recently disappeared. As only a mother could relate to what another is going through? I can only imagine the horror the mother/father of a kidnapped 11 year old girl goes through. Imagine all the possibilities of how your
    daughter died? Happens all over, not just Mexico. Ugh, poor parents. The images that take over your thoughts at night must be pretty horrific. I suppose at this point, all they have is the consolment each other.

    1. 7:49 mexico got fed communism straight from chilean Martha Harnecker Conceptos Elementales del Materialismo Historico in junior colleges and prep schools, the DFS needed badly candidates to fight, then kidnapped and murdered them to show work to their US sponsors.
      I read about 5 pages of the BS book for social sciences class, it smelled like a shit trap for romantic adventurers in love with Che Guevara and Mao tse tung, and it was.

  5. Well not much can be done when the government has fallen on the claws of the puma, tiger jaguar nicknames latinAmerican and mexican poolice corporations chose for themselves...
    I bet more than a few mexican milicos, paracos and cuicos are praying AMLO gets gone so they can carry on with their abstruse shenanigans in the name of getting rich.


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