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Monday, April 18, 2022

Gunmen Shoot To Death A Youtuber Known As 'El Compa Jorge', In Culiacán

 "Ivan" for Borderland Beat 

A youtuber known as "El Compa Jorge", was shot to death this Monday when he arrived at his home aboard a Toyota brand vehicle.

According to a police report, Jorge Luis "N", 35 years old, was intercepted by armed individuals who shot him repeatedly with 9-millimeter caliber handguns, and then escaped in an unknown direction.

The attack occurred at 1:45 p.m. in Colonia Guadalupe Victoria, just two blocks from the Ninth Military Zone barracks in Culiacán.

The victim owned a tortilla shop in the area, and was also dedicated to making videos on YouTube on a channel called "El Compa Jorge."

At the scene of the attack, there were around 10 shell casings that were secured by the authorities who came to testify to the fact.

Although he was transferred to receive medical attention, upon arrival at the clinic he was declared without vital signs.




    Interesting video where this same guy tells a story of when he was kidnapped.

  2. Any fluent Spanish speakers who have seen video get any indications why he was murdered? My Spanish is terrible after not using in many, many years. Mi gusta Los pantelones y el gatos.

    1. 10:52 y yo no te gusto,
      hija del máiz?
      "Me gustan los pantalones y los gatos"
      Más, más, más; means more more, faster faster, deeper deeper.
      Now you will know english enough ro carry on, i mean spanish, but start with "tráis dinero papcito?"

  3. Replies
    1. How this seems like something personal Chapitos have bigger things to worry about

    2. How the weather in Minnesota? 3:00

  4. Ivan, thank you much for your articles. I attempted to submit an article in proper format once for BB, I failed miserably. It was comical, really. Not sure if people realize there is a learning curve and Ivan, you have been flawless. I know I'm not the only one who wishes payment to you guys was an option, at least a few bucks a month.

    1. Let's keep the no pay option, once peepol get experience they will be running to some expensive news outlet to write linia for somebody rich, I hear tucker carlson get paid by the russians and their goodfellas, and he is not the only one, he even survived court (and Fawx News) by acknowledging his shitty opinions have NO Basis in Fact, or was it Sean hannity?

    2. Miss H has the hots for Ivan.
      No meat in the locker room.

      A man in Havana, Cuba

    3. That's exactly right. I have been found out. I have been pining for Ivan ever since I saw him working in the pie factory. The way he crumbled coconut flakes, that is what did it. The way his hair glistened underneath his hairnet and the way his sweat stains pooled on his work smock.

    4. 10:35 for sexy, you can still see Mandingo sweating while serving his owner's madam...

    5. 10:35 what happened to the long walks you like to take with Sol??? I think I know what happened ... Sol kept busy churning articles from Mexico, 7 days a week. And had no time to spend with you, but he sure loves the pies you baked.

    6. What can I say? I'm a sucker for a guy wearing a hairnet.

    7. Me too Ms H, but the guy has to wear the hairnet around his nachas...

  5. Its sickening that low IQ coke addict scum bags are killing decent people and the excuse is they think he said something wrong. They are all going to die young tortured or shot to death or die old in prison or sell out their 'friends' to avoid life in prison. Thats how incompetent at being criminals these disgusting people are. And while they live they terrorize a whole country and kill people at random. Scum of the earth


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