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Thursday, April 28, 2022

Matlapa, San Luis Potosí: State Police Seize Tactical Equipment And High-Powered Weapons

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

* After confrontation with a criminal cell in the southern Huasteca

The Secretary of Public Security of San Luis Potosí informs that as a result of an operational incursion by the State Police in order to pacify the Huasteca Zone, the seizure of weapons, tactical equipment and trucks took place in which alleged members of a criminal cell was confronted by law enforcement.

The event was recorded in the community of Pizotello, as part of the security strategy that is implemented in this region through the installation of intermittent checkpoints.

As part of these tasks, there was visual contact with the occupants of two white vehicles, who upon noticing the police presence begin to flee. By which time an exchange of gunfire ensues. A few minutes later about 8 individuals descend and flee on foot, managing to get disappear in the undergrowth.

At the scene of the events, they leave the vehicles abandoned, a Honda CRV, two long weapons, a 50-caliber weapon and a grenade launcher attachment lying next to the two long weapons.

Derived from this fact, tactical equipment such as bulletproof vests, camouflage pants, knee pads, helmets, boots and magazines are also secured.

This action is part of the comprehensive security strategy aimed at attacking criminal incidences in the four regions with the full force of the State.



  1. Did not mention the name of the cartel., secretary of security to afraid to name cartel. Excellent 👍 catch of equipment. But only small dent against the criminals.

  2. The state police academy REQUIRED ZETA sponsorship for cadets, former secretary of public security enrique francisco galindo ceballos was a university porro and went to EPN's Secretary of Public Security as director of "polesia federal" after genarco Garcia Luna drove him to resign his state job for lying in his examinations for trustworthiness and for stealing, graduated Criminal Summa Cum Lauda after murdering about 50 farm workers he got set up in a ranch in Tanhuato to claim the killing of CJNG, he had to resign as director of policia federal for that Crimen De Estado, with impunity...
    Now, what kind of state police are we talking about, zeta sponsored graduates? La quica ceballos' uncle was an "police investigator with more than 500 crimes solved" writer Julio ceballos caught with some zetas, weapon and drugs, so, what kind of State Police are we talking about?

  3. PS: We are talking about Free and Sovereign State of San Luis Potosi MX state poolice...


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