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Monday, April 18, 2022

Criminals Leave Two Bodies Hanging Near The Busiest Beaches In Empalme, Sonora

 "Ivan" for Borderland Beat 

The bodies of two lifeless men were left hanging on the freeway bridge south of Empalme, Sonora.

The bodies of two lifeless men were left hanging on the freeway bridge south of Empalme, Sonora, very close to the beaches of San Carlos Nuevo Guaymas, one of the busiest resorts during these Easter holidays.

So far, no suspect related to these crimes has been arrested, where the victims were left a few kilometers from the place where thousands of national and foreign tourists enjoy their vacations on the beaches of San Carlos, Guaymas and Empalme; In addition, Mexico Federal Highway 15 is the busiest in the northwest of the country.

Subsequently, the Prosecutor's Office reported that the dispute between criminal groups is the main line of investigation, identifying one of the hanged men as José de Jesús "El Pelón Luna", who had a criminal record for robbery with violence against people, injuries and domestic violence.

On September 10, 2019, he was chased by several subjects and when trying to take refuge in his home in the Libertad de Empalme neighborhood, they set fire to the house.

He managed to escape, but his 8-year-old son Dayron Jesús, his partner Perla Verónica, 31, and his brother Christian Abel Luna died due to the accident; while 5-year-old Keyli Cristal was seriously injured and survived with medical attention.



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