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Thursday, April 21, 2022

AMLO: Mexico's Elite Unit And The DEA Was "Infiltrated By Criminals"

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

The president clarified that DEA agents still operate in Mexico, but only those "that are permitted by law, according to the new legislation that emerged after the arrest of General Cienfuegos."

The dissolution in Mexico of an anti narcotics unit that cooperated with the United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) took place a year ago, because it was shown that this group was infiltrated by organized crime, said President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

During his morning press conference at the National Palace, he explained that US federal agents "do what they want," and accused them of fabricating crimes.

The group was one of special investigations units (SIUs) that operate in some 15 countries to dismantle smuggling networks and catch drug lords around the world.

Agents in these countries are trained by the DEA, but are under the control of their national governments.

In Mexico, the more than 50 officers of that police unit participated in the capture of Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán, then the head of the Sinaloa Cartel.

However, the SIU's reputation was damaged when its former boss Iván Reyes was arrested in 2017 and pleaded guilty in a US court to taking bribes to leak information to drug traffickers.

López Obrador clarified that the relationship with the United States in terms of cooperation to combat drug cartels continues to be good, "but with respect," and assured that during his administration operations such as Fast and Furious are no longer carried out to introduce arms to the country.

For the president, it is appropriate to act jointly with the United States "when an operation must be carried out, in something that is convenient for both countries," and he affirmed that the administration of President Joe Biden "knows very well that we do not have relations of complicity with anyone, they know it perfectly, so they are respectful relationships”.

Although respect is maintained, President López Obrador said that he had a “question” for the United States government: “they require greater control, discipline, professionalism and respect for hierarchies,” and said that, in his opinion, “sometimes there’s the impression that those at the bottom govern on their own".

"Now that he wrote his memoirs, President Trump's attorney (William Barr) talks about the arrest of General Cienfuegos and maintains that it was all low level agents and that they didn’t know," he said.

During the press conference, the president clarified that DEA agents still operate in Mexico, but only those "that are permitted by law, according to the new legislation that emerged after the arrest of General Cienfuegos."

"We maintain cooperation with international organizations in charge of security, but we try to respect our sovereignty," he explained, adding that for a long time Mexico's sovereignty was not asserted "because there was no moral authority."

The elite team, founded in 1997, was the main conduit for the DEA to share clues about drug shipments and evidence obtained on US soil with the Mexican government.

The US drug enforcement agency reportedly took the new Mexican members of the police unit to its state-of-the-art facility in Quantico, Virginia, to train them in the latest surveillance techniques. They would have been examined, including polygraph tests.

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  1. Here come the AMLO haters bootlicking the corrupt DEA's boots. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    1. Well im no hater but amlo is either corrupt as fuck or the stupidest president in mexicos history. Either way mexico is fucked.

    2. 448, what do you know about AMLO that leads you to believe he is corrupt or the stupidest president ever?

    3. 5:27 my observations are.
      1. Abrazos no balazos approach to cartels is a BIG sign he is either scared, brived or in cahoots with both CJNG and specially CDS. He made any excuses to go to badiraguato to see mama chapo any time he could

      2. Just look at the way he talks.
      He talks about 6 times slower than the average Mexican 🤣

      He has done good for older people and for education but as far as him being a NARCO-PRESIDENT, there's no doubt on my mind..

      The past presidents before him were narco presidents so why would this guy be any different?

      First off if he wanted to make a change in the cartel problem in 🇲🇽 he could and he would. He has the MARINA, ARMY, Federales, GOPES ext ext ext

      And yea you AMLO groupies will say the approach is to violent and won't solve anything but isn't it already violent?..
      Mexico needs a master in chief not a master in thief like ALL those crooks Mexico has had.
      They sell out Mexico, get rich after stealing mexicans money and move to Paris, Italy or Spain.

      If not, tell me a president who hasn't besides Lazaro Cardenas and maybe Benito Juarez ..

    4. Anon 6:34 pm. How the USA doing in the drug war ? Are they winning? More than 30 years on the fight and 40 billion a years. Are you guys doing better than before? Since you guys are not corrupted you most have everything under control. Nothing but good times.

    5. 1. "Abrazos no balazos" was a slogan taken out of context by the opposition which happens to control 100% of the mainstream media. As I can see you get all of your anti AMLO information from them and that's why your "observation" is warped and biased. Everyone has taken hits, from CJNG to CDS to Zetas. The confrontations have not stopped and the detention of high ranking criminals seems to have amped up since the beginning of 2022. What you and his opposition want to see is Ukraine 2.0 on the streets of México, but AMLO will not allow that...The mainstream media refuses to cover his achievements.
      "Abrazos no balazos" when interpreted in its correct form means to give at risk youth and members of society alternative to a life of crime by providing them with an education and jobs. There's two programs you should look into, sembrando vida and el programa de bienestar. These are two amongst many that not many outlets will highlight. As far as him being in Sinaloa it was not to meet Chapo's mom, it was to oversee a federal road project like he does and has done throughout the country.

      2. You can say he talks slow but I can tell you're not listening to what he's saying. If you ever get off your high horse, I suggest you watch his Mañanera and listen to what he says instead of criticizing.

      As far as his predecessors being corrupt, that has nothing to do with him. Are you aware that he ran for president twice with the last time the election being robbed! You understand that he is neither PAN nor PRI. Again you're saying he has the military to back him and they do. The confrontations have not stopped. The extraditions have not stopped. As a matter of fact he's using the Military to build some of the national projects like the Santa Lucia Airport and parts of the tren Maya. How would you say he's selling Mexico out when the jobs are being given to the military to carry out instead of a private company. A private company can offer him a suitcase full of cash to get them jobs, the military can't do that. Go on his youtube channel. All of the federal projects are categorized under their respective titles and show him overseeing the many projects taking place. Remember, he is neither PRI nor PAN. And although he is right up there with them, he is neither Benito Juarez or Lazaro Cardenas, he is AMLO. The next great president of Mexico. He is not 2nd in the world leader index for nothing.

    6. Here you go. Some of the projects AMLO is taking on.

    7. 12:48 you are not going to convince a mule of shit even if you fuck her in the ass...
      Mexican media have turned into propaganda outlets financed by shitty organizations like USAID brcausr AMLO refuses to pay them million dollar kickbacks for favorable propaganda= chayote and that is the source of their sore pussy rashes and raggedy burning aasholes...

    8. Exactly SIR. It's like I've said in the past, Panocha and his buddy are so stupid, you could point at the moon and they'll focus on your finger. Hasta que no se los metan por el nudo de globo. *

    9. There is no such thing as a war on drugs pendejos!!
      Like I said. If AMLO or US was really fighting cartels the drugveould have been over LONG TIME AGO..
      You pendejos actually believe there's a war on drugs and its funny because you try acting like your so smart and bright 🌞
      SIR. your a 🤡

    10. 12:27 serás pendejo Valiii!
      The SO CALLED war ON drugs is 15 years old, AMLO has been presidente for about 3 years and 4 or 6 months, after 100 years of US paid for revolutionary carrancismo from oligarchic US puppets bent on selling mexican ass cheap to foreign colonists, and after 200+ years of US financed mexican independence war, you of all the smart arses want AMLO to fix your pains and troubles???
      No chiquitita, no se vale.

  2. Where's the proof of corruption AMLO?
    Just a smoke screen to avert apprehensions.

    1. "However, the SIU's reputation was damaged when its former boss Iván Reyes was arrested in 2017 and pleaded guilty in a US court to taking bribes to leak information to drug traffickers"

      "...operations such as Fast and Furious are no longer carried out to introduce arms to the country."

      Did you read the article? That's the proof. SIU boss was prosecuted for leaking sensitive information. The program had been infiltrated. Once the unit is infiltrated theres no knowing how many traitors are present.

      The U.S government introduced firearms to a civilian population where firearms are illegal! Do you understand that?! The U.S Government was in charge of allowing guns to go into Mexico. In Mexico guns are pretty much illegal. We're talking about the actual government not rogue government officials. Who was held accountable for that?! The U.S is prosecuting the ex Honduran president for trafficking but who is prosecting those people who trafficked guns into Mexico! Read the article dude. The proof is all there.

    2. 112:21 operation "Wide Receiver" conceived by the George W Bush administration to make sure weapons dealers got their share of drug traffickers' ill gotten money, grew into "operation catch Obama screwing up" aka "Fast and Furious" furiously prosecuted by corrupt congress creepublican'ts of the Tea Party financed by Bladdermir Putin...
      The ATF had been without a director since the W Bush era because it was a stinking shit nobody wanted to be close to but the weapons dealers sure made their share of drug trafficking dollars root of all evil.

    3. Ivan Reyes arzate was caught way before AMLO was inaugurated Preaidente for life...
      Check your dates,
      not your date's package.

  3. This guy must be related to the president in defending him look at the way he talks and his actions on Mexico everyone dies everyday and what does he to protect the Common man?

    1. Yep the lawyer nutthugger will lick hiss ball$, he finally crawled out of the rock he was hiding for awhile.

    2. Hi Panocho, and you went back to hiding as anonymous. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    3. Hahaha, agarraron al PANOCHO de las greñas del fundillo!!!

  4. Instead of improving law enforcement he steps on it he should be grateful the DEA trained his agents to protect Mexico and he disbands it after those agents put themselves on the line for their country he puts them in danger what will happen to them? New federal jobs or or become new Zetas? Thanks to him what an idiot hope he gets arrested before his term expires for ruining the country.

  5. The GWB-doctrine of "you are either with us or against us" since the rusky invasion of ukeland is now stronger than ever!
    AMLO will be Uncle Sam Schlonged!
    Uncle Sam needs obedient vassals like Britain!

    1. 3:48 unfortunately for you, the US needs no obedient vassals, or wars against little despotic authoritarian oligarchs, but the US will put out sooner or later, a fact WELL KNOWN by the US Induateial Military complex now cashing in on the US help to the Ukrainians by the billions and billions of dollars, close to a trillion now...
      I garrantee books are coming about the assholes behind this war in cahoots with Putin for the benefit of US War Industry Scammers...remember Dick Cheney inventor of "actionable evidence" that led to the Iraqi war? He made about 50 million dollars in commissions from his former employer that got their trillion dollar budget to lose one more war on behalf of the US

  6. The AMLO fans are people he protects and serves.not for long he'll be out in two years

  7. Mexico should set up a National Police like Columbia : Mexico can learn a few things from these guys especially AMLO.

    1. AMLO did. It's called "Guardia Nacional" Stop commenting please.

    2. 11:34 Do you own the website? Are you a moderator? You contribute to run the website?
      If the person is new to the site, let it be. He can comment as his wishes.
      Please bug off

    3. 113 trying to weed out stupid people like you. You too stop commenting.

    4. Columbia's policia nacional has been a bunch of corrupt motherfuckers, members of "La Comunidad del Anillo", and the mexican counterparts have not shown any better behaviour or results even under AMLO...

    5. 2:23 weeded out people may get hungry but won't stop commenting or 'misabusing' their freedom of espreshun, soo, relax and grab them by the pussy hairs when you see their pinchis nalgas...
      have fun.

    6. EPN had Policia Nacional trained in France where the SCHOOL OF THE AMERICAS, escuela de las americas was created to tame the
      non existing latin American insurgencies through genocide and depopulation of future communist insurgents...
      EPN's polesia nacional never did anything, but commander Manelich Castilla Craviotto took over the Polesia Federal after director enrique Francisco galindo ceballos mass murdered more than 50 farm workers planted for the purpose in Tanhuato jalisco to avenge for CJNG kicking his ass.
      "Tanhuato: Un Crimen de Estado"


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