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Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Veracruz: The Sirenita, The Zetas Narco Assassin Who Left A Legacy Of Terror, Falls

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Homicides, kidnappings, drug dealing, extortion and robbery, these are some of the crimes for which she will be tried by the Mexican authorities.

Police arrest a drug dealer from the Zetas, seize weapons and drugs.

Mexican authorities confirmed the capture of a woman identified as Irene "N" alias Sirenita or La Sirena, who operated as a drug dealer for the Zetas cartel in the state of Veracruz, on the Gulf of Mexico coast. The legacy of terror left by this criminal was commanded by Raúl Vargas Ortiz, nicknamed El Pelos. It should be noted that she was also a girlfriend of a drug dealer named Fidel "N".

Mexican media reported that La Sirenita and Fidel left a legacy of terror as the leading couple of the Grupo Sombra armed wing, as they are singled out for multiple cases of homicides, kidnappings, extortion, drug dealing and robberies, in the municipalities of Álamo, Naranjos, Panuco, Tantoyuca and Tuxpan.

The Comprehensive Justice Prosecution Unit confiscated firearms, magazines and rounds. As well as several doses of drugs, according to the Veracruz Public Security Secretariat.

The Zetas cartel has always been considered the bloodiest in Mexico, due to the extreme violence in its revenge against assassins from rival groups. According to the three trials that took place in Texas, in the United States, terrifying massacres, bribes to police officers, mayors and even governors were committed by former members of the cartel.

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  1. Police, judges are afraid of her, that after the bribe she will be set free, through the back door.

  2. She should be dead, put her down and spare the government of wasting money.

    1. James Brown
      It's the other way around, she gave bribes to the government, to keep her doing criminal acts.

  3. She is beautiful for a drug dealer. Wanna see the looks of our local drug dealer in Michigan streeets? Looks like cows.

  4. Free " La Sirena" ( "Little Mermaid") , I love you baby 😘😘😘😘😘

    "El Pamcho"

  5. Grupo Sombra isn't Zetas, they are or were CDG. Can that get cleared up please? Kinda curious who she worked for...And if I can visit her in prison 😜...They do have congical visits right?😘🥰🥳...Just kidding. She is attractive though... I'll just write her.


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