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Wednesday, March 2, 2022

La Pila, San Luis Potosi: The Grand Dick Strikes Against Operativa Bélica

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

A deceased man was found Monday evening with various bullet wounds, aboard a vehicle in the municipal region of La Pila.

Police of different corporations went to the site, on the Camino Viejo to Guanajuato, in the direction towards the community of Arroyos, of the aforementioned capital region. On the windshield of the vehicle, a cardboard was left with a message, but the text was not disseminated by the authorities who gathered the evidence.

The macabre finding was reported by neighbors of the area, who were surprised to run into a maroon Nissan, which obstructed the passage, when approaching they realized that a male was lying dead in the driver's seat. The victim has already been identified and his body transferred to the medical services facilities for the continuation of the proceedings.

Narco message reads as follows:

Operativa Bélica, here líes your trash. You sons of bitches the purge continues. Sincerely, The Grand Dick


El Sol de San Luis


  1. Replies
    1. Aunt Nobody fukn wit me out here Brody. At least Not in the streets... I stuck a muthafkr couple weeks ago for trying to run up in my spot. I take care of my self... always

  2. Replies
    1. James Brown said he would pimp slap you Juan if he sees you. He invited you to the BLM parade this Sunday in Compton.

    2. @12:05. He won't come out to play. The absolute three letters cartel will bathe him in live steam.

  3. My humble Opinion is working today
    At Subway.
    May come in later, if not tired.

    1. Tell him I want a 12" you know what?
      Red panties Rubio NYC
      Sending all my love to Sol

    2. @1121 Dude, I'm gonna call you Chappelle since you got no blogger name. There are a few "comedians" on here, but I can always tell when you post lol. Shits on point.

    3. I'm tired from my subway job, but gonna give that extra efort just for you...Atleast I have a job and don't live in my mom's basement, no pun intended 10:42. If you're comfortable in your mom's basement, then that's all that matters...I guess... I'll tell you what, swing by subway and I'll charge you extra...I mean, I'll give you a discount. Being that you're always broke and your mom still supporting you and all, I'm sure you could use one. Don't worry about your ride over here, I hear the buses are free, but I'm sure you already know that. Then again, you don't really come out of your mom's basement so you probably don't. Anyways, that discount will be on the table if you ever have the courage to come out your mom's basement. You have a good day, I wish you luck and thanks for thinking of me, but I like women. Enjoy your day.

    4. My humble opinion I admire your creative writing, almost like reading a book. With all the wierd stuff going on in Mexico and videos that Sol provides, I am sure when you're at Subway, your hair will stay up.
      Yes living with Mom saves me $2,000 a month from renting 1 bedroom apartment.

  4. Change that title to La Mera Verga.

  5. "The grand dick strikes Again"
    That's what she said..! 😆

  6. Well at least the Grand Dick is being sincere . That all that really matters .

    1. Did someone say Grand Dick
      12" hedge this way.

      Red Panties Rubio NYC
      Sol I love you more than ever

    2. Respect the Duck lol😂😂


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