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Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Tulúm, Quintana Roo: Narco Women From The Sinaloa Cartel Fall In Mexican Tourist Paradise

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The police arrested Dani, a narco in charge of distributing drugs in Tulum, in the Mexican Caribbean, they also arrested his entire network of accomplices

Mexican police dismantle the network of operators of the Sinaloa Cartel in Tulum.

The Mexican police dealt a blow to the Sinaloa Cartel (CDS) with the capture of Dani, its operator in Tulum, a tourist paradise in the Caribbean, where thousands of Americans and Canadians vacation each year. According to the local authorities, his entire network of accomplices was also dismantled; Among them were two women. The arrests were made in two simultaneous operations in which the military, elements of the National Guard and the state police participated.

The State Attorney General's Office already has Juan "E", alias Dani, in its custody; Jarlinson "G", Jeymmi "C", Regina "Y", Brandon "N", Maria "J" and Luis "S". Packages of marijuana, cocaine, crystal meth, methamphetamine, an armored vehicle and firearms were confiscated.

Local media revealed, unofficially, that in the case of Luis "S", could be related to the murder of a person, registered in a subdivision called Aldea Tulum. The Riviera Maya has been affected by the escalation of violence, a product of the war between drug cartels. Even in the most luxurious tourist areas, drug traffickers from Canada and some Asian countries have been murdered.

In February, an American couple was arrested in Tulum, with bags of drugs and weapons, the man and the woman, both under 30 years of age, were placed at the disposal of the Federal Public Ministry. There are suspicions that they are related to the case of another American who was reported missing.

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    Canadian girl 💋

  2. Sinaloa dudes are so soft the confused the other two as women 😆
    Looks ta the headline lol

  3. You can tell those women are local and not from sinaloa

  4. Are you trying to pass the house help as the ones running the shit in town. Saca la bolsita....

  5. There was only 7 people in the whole cell?!!! They were short. No pun intended about their size.

  6. So does this mean that the Gulf Cartel or CJNG or used-to-be-Zetas now have the plaza? Please do more reporting.

    1. great question! and what of Los Chapitos vs Los Rusos Cartel Sinaloa split breakup gig.... BB did a few recent articles on "El Ruso", the people mob Russia, and Cartel del Ruso....

      Any updates on plaza positions and openings would be awesome!! thanks

      How many Sinaloa Federation strongholds exist still?

      Will toursim thrive again in Mexico for Canadians and Americans???

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    3. Buenos dias Ricardo Martinez Gonzalez Del Chaveria Rancho Monteclaro.

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