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Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Military Forces Secure A Home After Shooting In Gambino, Guasave

 "Ivan" for Borderland Beat 

After the shootout between federal forces and civilians, they secured a house in the community of Gambino, in Guasave.

The property remains guarded by agents of the Army and the National Guard pending the arrival of the Public Ministry with the search warrant.

Supposedly there are weapons and ammunition in the house.

Unofficially it was revealed that the shooting started in Bamoa where the agents met a convoy of armed men.

A shooting and persecution began at the scene that continued towards the towns of Gambino and Nío.

In videos that circulate on social networks, the moment in which the hitmen flee in a pickup truck with a rifle embedded in the box and a Jeep Cherokee from which a hitman comes out of the sunroof with a rifle and protected with license plates is observed.

State authorities indicated that the federal forces do not report detainees or deaths during the shooting.



  1. Bamoa is a known stronghold for Chapito Isidro forces make no mistake. Keep an eye out if military operations continue things will for sure get hot in Guasave.

    1. Maybe now that Gob Quirino Coppel is not protecting Isidro. His mafia has many resources in Mazatlan and there are some powerful families protect the business interest of the peoples of Isidro

  2. Im sure the government security forces objective was to capture or eliminate isidro meza flores but his security detail and his Mercenaries where able to disrupt the governments plan

  3. Isisdro seems low key and never heard of him causing mass chaos. Wonder why the government going after him hard now.

  4. I was wondering same thing. I think Chivis is hot, that’s why I miss her. Lol

  5. For those that don't read, she is in Norway relaxing, no WiFi no TV, I don't even think she knows what is going on in Ukraine. Last I heard she is doing fine.

  6. I remember she mentioned having health issues. At one point not commenting for a few weeks only to return and say she had been in the hospital. I'm sure reading nothing but negative headlines was in no way therapeutic if in fact her health was deteriorating. Anyway, wish her well.

  7. I hate to break it down but truth must prevail Chivis is really JuanRambo they wanted me not to say anything but its time the world knew she is JuanRambo currently fighting russians in the Ukraine !

  8. 12:36 ...and you got your chin blisters on Juan rambo's teabags.


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