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Monday, March 7, 2022

Puente Grande Prison Escapee, CJNG Member Jose Avila Guevara Captured

"Socalj" for Borderland Beat
Jose Guadalupe Ávila Guevara, who escaped from the Puente Grande prison using forged documents was captured along with the prison official who helped him escape.

José Guadalupe Ávila Guevara, a member of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG) who escaped from the Puente Grande prison, as reported by Borderland Beat, was recaptured by the Jalisco authorities after the investigation work derived from a complaint about the events.

The Jalisco State Prosecutor's Office (FE) reported through a press conference that agency agents managed to re-arrest him on Saturday, March 5, after investigations and operations.

Likewise, the FE reported that Verónica R., an official from the Puente Grande prison who would have collaborated in the escape of the alleged criminal, was arrested since she would have been in charge of reviewing the false document received by the defense of José Guadalupe.

The complaint for the facts was received by the unit on February 3, the date on which the control judge requested the presence of the prisoner in a hearing for his case, which could not be held because the accused had already been released.

After noticing the irregular release of the prisoner, the judge and the prosecutor who was handling his case notified the corresponding authorities, as reported by the FE: “Once the criminal news is received, the investigations are initiated by the prosecution, leading carried out various procedures in order to find those responsible as well as for the re-apprehension, various investigations were carried out and robust operations were mounted.”

José Guadalupe and Verónica R. were captured in Lagos de Moreno to be consigned to the authorities since the member of the CJNG will continue his process for kidnapping, while the detainee is accused of the crimes of escape of prisoners, abuse of authority, and falsification of documents issued by the powers of the state.

The Jalisco prosecutor's office has managed to confirm that the prisoner is a member of the CJNG thanks to the inquiries corresponding to his investigation folder, which will also include the escape made on December 21, the day on which he was released irregularly. The defense of the person involved would have delivered an apocryphal official letter to Verónica R., who has been identified as the only official who took part in the events; after which her release was processed, resulting in the release of the criminal from the Puente Grande prison.

For the release of the criminal from the CJNG, a release letter was needed, which is sent to the penitentiary center through a notifier or by the secretary of a court, and this is corroborated by the judge. The director of Prevention and Social Reintegration, José Antonio Pérez Juárez, pointed out that they had not noticed any irregularities until the prisoner's presence was requested.

For Pérez Juárez, only Verónica R. would be involved in the escape, a woman who, in the shadow of her responsibility as legal coordinator, simulated freedom. “She was the only participant. We made all the facilities available to the Public Ministry, everything we had.” The director of the prison has indicated that since leaving Ávila, the official has given many excuses to be absent, this has caused suspicion to fall on her. "She should have joined on February 8, she didn't," she said.

Ávila Guevara is accused of the murder of seven young people in 2013, in Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco. On July 7 of that year, Francisco Javier Becerra Rangel, leader of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, gave the order to pick up and kill the young men, for being the alleged perpetrators of the theft of a backpack that was inside a vehicle.

The victims were taken to a farm in the La Comanja de Corona community, where they were dissolved in acid. According to the testimonies of those involved, the boys denied having participated in the theft. For the crime, 12 arrest warrants were released, of which only eight have been fulfilled.

Source Infobae


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  2. That was fast 😆
    In Mexico a prison escape is not an extra charge. So he will not get more time added to his sentance.

    1. He escaped on December 21. It wasn’t realized until this past week. But then it was quick recapturing him.

    2. It isn't 😳?!!! WTF!!! Didn't know that. Thanks for the knowledge.

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    1. My Humble Pie has some pumpkin pie for you Cuernavaca.

  4. So he was in jail for kidnapping but according to the manta and videos CJNG puts out they are always wherever it is they are ridding that state of kidnappers, thieves and rapist. 🙄 CJNG are zetas 2.0.

    1. Kidnapping doesn't have to be for ransom it could be for settlement of accounts like vaca talking too much

    2. @337 like kidnapping because your family business didn't pay the weekly cuota to the local plaza boss?

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