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Monday, March 7, 2022

Aquiles Serdán, Chihuahua: Criminal Plague Runs Rampant In The Cereso Prison

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Third inmate murdered in a month in Cereso Chihuahua dies. Official versions point to the smelly Villarreal case of corruption in Javier Corral's JMAS (Chihuahua Municipal Board of Water & Sanitation). 

The infectious corruption in Javier Corral's government continues to spread everywhere. The State Attorney General's Office confirmed this Sunday that another inmate was killed in his cell.

This is the third homicide in a month. The first two were poisoned in their cell in the middle of last month.

To this day it’s not known how this last prisoner was murdered and for what crimes he was locked up.

It is speculated that the murder could be related to the René Villarreal case, a former JMAS official who was executed and was accused of fraud of more than 10 million pesos in collusion with Corralistas from the Local Congress.

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