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Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Corruption Persists In Mexico, Says The US

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Organized crime groups have influence over high-ranking officials of the Mexican government, which hinders the fight against drugs in the country despite the policies of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to combat corruption, according to the United States Department of State.

In the 2022 edition of its International Drug Control Strategy Report (INCSR), the State Department once again described the volume of illegal drugs reaching the US through Mexico as unacceptably high, but highlighted that corruption persists at high levels.

"The association that transnational crime organizations maintain with high-ranking officials of the Mexican government and the influence they maintain over them continue to significantly hinder Mexico's drug control efforts," says the US Department of State where it dedicates three pages to the situation in Mexico.

“Local and state security officials in Mexico report that conflicts over the control of retail drug sales, especially methamphetamine, are a major security problem throughout the country,” the report says.

He also highlights the poor results of the Mexican criminal justice system, ensuring that 93 percent of crimes -including drug crimes- are not reported or investigated and stressed that Mexico only achieved 3 convictions in money laundering cases in 2020.

In its section on Mexico dedicated to reviewing the fight against drugs in Mexico that occurred during the year 2021 in the Country, the State Department does not give names of the alleged high-ranking Mexican officials who have associations with organized crime; however, it is the first time that it has been made explicit.

The State Department specifically highlighted that the production of methamphetamine in Mexico appears to be at record levels and that conflicts over retail sales in Mexico of such drugs are the source of the high levels of violence in the country.

“Meth production in Mexico appears to be at historic levels, as evidenced by rising seizures, record prices, and growing availability within the US,” the agency said, assuring that 90 percent of methamphetamine in the US is of Mexican origin.

The report acknowledges that AMLO has taken legislative and political measures to combat government officials who profit from their associations with transnational criminal organizations.

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  1. the current administration in these here United States of America dont know how more corrupt we became. oh we got Trumped with the card that came outta the deck. oh yall let a savage get organized! what law you talking about? law dog order or law door quarter? we'll co-rrupture lines built and bumpture.

  2. Mexico is #1 in curuption of the whole world.

  3. No sh!T and America has a HUGE part in that problem..
    But of course people don't want to go to that subject 🙄
    Destabilize, devide and conquer by CIA and DEA..

    1. 8:08 it is the probable case that even based only on circumstantial evidence, the weapons the US allows to be trafficked into México since Miguel de la Madrid in the 80s was president compounds the problem of drug trafficking to the US, the war on drugs under the FECALATO helped by the corruption of Garcia Luna and Co. further complicated the shit but the US blindly believed the lies and reports by fecal and garcia luna, on the basis of their being the recipients of billions of dollars to pay for a war that just complicated the drug trafficking and money laundering, the US refuses to adopt some of the blame and only wants to see more and more counts of murders of state irregardless of their sins like the Culombians or the philipino.
      Greedy, greedy mophakas...

  4. No shot shelock; tell us something we don’t know about Mexico. Mexico is the devils playground cause the politicians are in bed with the devils.
    There is a saying “criminals will not thrive without governments help”

    1. 7:25 about 80% of the weapons recovered by the Mexican government from criminals come from the US, their sales defended and promoted by the US Government, russian puppet NRA, the Tea Party, extreme right wingers and their racist white supremacist allies, just one more truth that needs to be told by the US Department of State...

    2. Nobody forced Mexico to become a narco state and chop each others heads off. Time to take responsibility for your own actions. The negative impact on the Mexican economy and businesses which are open or were forced to close or wont open due to narcos and corruption far outweigh the drug money even though it is Mexico's biggest business


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