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Thursday, March 10, 2022

Commando Kills Two Jocotepec, Jalisco, Policemen; Confrontation In Lagos De Moreno Leaves A Soldier Wounded

 "Ivan" for Borderland Beat 

It should be remembered that just this Tuesday the director of Potable Water of Jocotepec was assassinated

Two clashes took place almost simultaneously in the interior of Jalisco. In one, two municipal policemen from Jocotepec died when attacked by a commando, in addition two firefighters were injured; while in the second incident a soldier was injured after a confrontation on the border between Lagos de Moreno and Encarnación de Díaz.

The first of them occurred in the town of Betulia, in Lagos de Moreno. In that place, elements of the Secretary of National Defense (Sedena) who made their surveillance tour clashed with members of a criminal group, whose preliminary result was a wounded soldier.

Minutes later, an attack was recorded against the emergency services that were attending a crash at kilometer 86 + 900 of the free highway to Morelia at the height of the gap called Zapotitlán Hidalgo, in Jocotepec.

An armed group arrived there aboard three pick-up trucks, which fired at the officers who were attending to the mishap.

After the attack, two municipal policemen died, in addition to a man and a woman who make up Civil Protection and Firefighters of Jocotepec, were injured.

After that attack, an operation was mounted with authorities from the three levels of government to find those responsible for the attack.

It should be remembered that just this Tuesday the director of Potable Water of Jocotepec was assassinated, when he was together with his partner aboard an official Toyota Hilux vehicle, in the Del Carmen neighborhood, in El Salto.



  1. Mexico the country with non-stop homicides.

    1. 6:18 Also a country with unstoppable birth rate, not for nothing some US President refused the offer to take over the whole country "because about 6 million mexican indians would have to be exterminated".
      But some statesmen keep trying...

  2. Let me guess CJNG special elite forces did

  3. Every time a cop, fire fighter, Guardiac Nacional, and especially a soldier is attacked, ambushed, etc. AMLO gots to make sure they go at them hard and catch the motherfu@$¿!s dead or alive. They would be less inclined to bribes and feel like they got their backs. The only excetions should be the g.o.p.e.s. in Tamaulipas. They should hand out rewards every time one of those gets killed.

    1. AMLO is just a puppet on the strings
      As long as he gets big 💰 from cartels he does what they please

    2. 11:17 no GOPES were involved on this incident in Jalisco...
      AMLO does not need cartel bribes either, he owns PEMEX, CFE, THE MAYAN TRAIN. the Tehuantepec Canal, everything.
      You could work with governor Enrique Alfaro, that RAT sure needs rehabilitation to stop stealing public security funds and sending one or two police officers to their death every day at the hands of his former CJNG sponsors, Godfathers and associates, entiendes pendejo?


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