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Thursday, March 10, 2022

As A Result Of An Operational Deployment In Tlalpan Borough Mexico City, SSC Personnel Arrested 38 people Probably Linked To The Crime Of Drug Dealing And Seized More Than A Thousand Doses Of Apparent Marijuana And Cocaine

 "Ivan" for Borderland Beat 

• Five kilograms of apparent marijuana, a vehicle, two cell phones and a sharp object were also seized.

Officials from the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) of Mexico City, with the objective of combating high-impact crimes in the southern zone of Mexico City, carried out an operational deployment consisting of dynamic preventive patrolling, through motorized reaction cells at strategic points identified as where apparent drugs are distributed.

During the comprehensive security strategies, the arrest of 38 people involved in different crimes was carried out, seven of them who have income to the Penitentiary System and three have presentations before the agent of the Public Ministry.

In the Isidro Fabela, Lomas Altas de Padierna, Los Hornos, Miguel Hidalgo Third Section, San Fernando, Pedregal de San Nicolás First Section, Pedregal de Santa Úrsula Xitla, Meza Los Hornos, San Pedro Mártir and Tlalpan Centro neighborhoods, arrests and seizures of different types of narcotics.

During the operational deployment, two search warrants were executed, one of them on Kaua street, in the Pedregal neighborhood of San Nicolás, Fifth Section, in a local for the sale of spare parts, where a man was arrested and 168 doses of apparent cocaine and a mobile phone equipment; while the second search was carried out on Calle Privada Niños Héroes, Barrio la Lonja.

It should be noted that, in three different events that occurred in the Mesa Los Hornos, Santa Úrsula Xitla and San Pedro Mártir neighborhoods, six men and one woman were arrested, possible members of a criminal group dedicated to the crime of drug dealing, and around five were seized. kilograms of apparent marijuana, 292 doses of the same type of vegetable, 165 packages of what appears to be cocaine, and cash.

In addition, in the Pedegral neighborhoods of San Nicolás First Section and Isidro Fabela, three people, including a woman, probably linked to a criminal cell, were detained by SSC officers, in possession of 213 doses of a similar dry green herb. to marijuana, 40 bags of a substance similar to cocaine, a sharp object, a cell phone and cash.

Similarly, 460 doses were seized that contained apparent marijuana, 200 grams and three bags of the same type of bulk herb, as well as 231 individual doses of cocaine, in addition to cash, a vehicle and a fanny pack; 26 people were also arrested, including two women, possibly involved in the purchase, sale and distribution of the drug, in different streets of the mayor's office.

The police actions in matters of security by the officers of the SSC, were carried out through the request for citizen support or at the moment that the probable perpetrators were caught in the commission of the crime, and at all times they acted in strict adherence to police action protocols and respect for human rights.

All the detainees were read their legal rights and together with what was assured to them, they were made available to the corresponding agents of the Public Ministry, who will determine their legal situation.

The SSC will continue with the implementation of the Comprehensive Security Strategy and the operational deployment in the 16 municipalities of Mexico City, to combat high-impact crimes, address citizen complaints, and arrest the main generators of violence. 



  1. What's the use arresting them, they will be set free at the back door, after they pay a judge a bribe.

  2. 6:44 the "use" is these montages could help Carlos loret de moolah, alias Lord Montages get his job back with televisa, but it sure helps the boss of the Mexico City Police Omar Hamid Garcia Harfuch THE GHOST OF AYOTZINAPA convince "somebody up there" that he is "like smart", less peepol forget he survived the self staged "attack by CJNG" he used to test his brand new bullet proof SUV only he knew he was buying, with public money...
    AMLO himself does not ride bullet proof luxury vehicles, he should be made President For Life, chingao.


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