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Monday, March 21, 2022

Celaya, Guanajuato: Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel Kills Opponent

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

A man was found dead in the Gobernadores neighborhood. This Sunday night a man was murdered on a soccer field. It was at 10:15 p.m. when several gunshots were heard. 

Last Sunday night, a dead man was found , bound by his hands, with a cardboard alluding to a criminal group, in the Gobernadores neighborhood.

With his hands held behind his back by the sleeves of the sweater he was wearing, as well as several bullets in his body, this Sunday night a man was murdered on the soccer field of the aforementioned neighborhood.

It was at 10:15 p.m. when several gunshots were heard, neighbors of the Gobernadores soccer field, reported having heard the noise of a motorcycle, then the gunshots and, in the end, the motorcycle again as it sped away hastily.

The call was made to the 911 Emergency System, upon the arrival of the police officers, the corpse of a man was observed who had several impacts from a firearm and a cardboard alluding to a ciminal group. The area was secured by the authorities. 

It should be noted that in this area this is the second murder in three days. Just last Friday another young man died when he was chased by motorcyclists from the tire shop where he worked to a nearby street, where he was shot several times.

Personnel from the Regional Prosecutor's Office C, AIC elements and experts, went to the area to process the crime scene and look for clues left at the place. Afterwards the body was finally picked up by the forensic medical service.

Partial narco message reads as follows:

This was my fate for selling crystal meth. C.S.R.D.L. 

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  1. Cartel my ass, just a local pandilla killing street dealers.

    Marro f'd up for not aligning. Overconfidence killed his cartel.

  2. MARRO believed on the governor and the state's attorney general, carlos Zamarripa, but they had to let him go to protect their own arsehoods, besides, La Mencha pays better in spite of the gonorrhea, nomás le esprimes in limón y no hay pedo...
    y si ya está bramando, NO LE HACE.

    1. No not true

    2. 6:34 My dear swallow ("golondrina") keep swallowing

  3. CSRL is expanding again. They now control 3 playgrounds, a gradeschool, 2 cornfields and half a Barrio.

  4. Well fck both cartels and the mex laws. TBH marros dudes are almost done. I heard their money flow is getting bad. Why? they are feeling the cost of making war ; their street dealers are getting fck-up, and they have a product shortage mostly depend on wt they get from other partner organizations. More likely, they are not producing jale azul no more which was produced in Juventino Rosas and they lost political/police leverage. Also, I heard they are increasing extorsions to local businesses as small-time guys are looking to increase their profits. Like in Cortazar, they release the ex-plaza boss who was cough in 2020 with other 28-29 ‘Rafa” is his name, I believe. Short story; they are currently asking for pizo payments to local business for protection. Even though, they cant protect his own people as rafa wife who used to sell some good ass pozole was beheaded and left a few meters from her home in Cortazar. Also, his lil musty group are stealing cars in Celaya and Villagran. BUT they do hide in Cortazar side Cerrito Colorado colonias were they have that police on payroll and alcones on corners. While, Jaliscas rn are pretty slopy in their jobs in the area. I heard their sicarios often kidnap and often mistake (incent people) for targets. Mostly because they are low skilled-crackheads from apaseo and salamanca. As all competent jalisca solders have been sent to Zacatecas for reinforcement. One more thing is that local newspapers are not reporting all incidents as they should. Like I say wt could go wrong...


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