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Monday, February 28, 2022

Valparaíso, Zacatecas: Cartel Jalisco Gunmen Show Fallen Sinaloa Hitmen

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

A video has surfaced from gunmen belonging to a CJNG cell. This broadcast shows the beheaded bodies of several sicarios from the "Operativo Mayo Zambada" (CDS). 

They were killed following a handful of armed clashes that took place in the Valparaíso mountains on February 24 and 25. 

The decapitated heads are spread across the terrain. One lies in full view near the corpse. While the other lays amongst the shrubbery. 

Video translation is as follows:

Sicario #1: Take a look at this here. We are the absolute 4 letters cartel. Check this out. I thought you guys couldn’t be hit? Where’s all that fucking bravery you guys were claiming, along with all that other shit? So, what do you think buddy? Did it not go well for us?

Sicario #2: Affirmative. We’ve just fucked them. 

Sicario #1: There lies the body of another son of a bitch over there. 

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  1. They literally brew his head off

    CJNG is eating their hears out to.

    Not a good time to be a CDS sicario

    Straight Cannon folder..

    R.I.P but young Mexicans want to be the next chapo or the next mencho but this is how they end up..


  2. El Señor de los Roosters

    "Soy el dueño del palenque
    Cuatro letras van al frente
    Soy del mero Michoacán
    Donde es la Tierra Caliente
    Soy el señor de los gallos
    El del cártel jalisciense
    Tengo gallos de pelea
    Que pelean por mi partido
    Las navajas las cambiamos
    Por R y cuernos de chivo
    Por 50s y antiaéreos
    Y monstruos pa los caminos
    Brazos armados que tengo
    Los Elite y los Guerreros
    A los amos del terror
    Los Delta y de el Jardinero
    También del 85
    A las órdenes de Mencho
    Merino, fiel compañero
    Ya que salgan del encierro
    Los estamos esperando
    Dos, aquí sigue tu mando
    Y también a mi princesa
    Ya los quisiera a mi lado
    Véngase, compadre Tuli
    Son cosas que hace la vida
    Ya andamos en este ruedo
    Hay ganadas y perdidas
    Y aunque soy hombre de guerra
    Quiero mucho a mi familia
    Del uno y tres, va un saludo
    Para todos mis muchachos
    Y tenganlo bien presente
    Que son gente de las cuatro
    Letras que tiene el cartel
    Y es del señor de los gallos"

    1. Ok sicario006 I see you changed your gimmick to Juan rambo

    2. Everyone loses a battle sooner or later, but there's plenty of reports that say MZ is winning the war in Zacatecas. Theres a mini documentary that is showing how some towns have turned to gohst towns. In one segment they show some of the houses and quite a few have CJNG written on them. They show that same town and some of the same houses three or six months later, and that same CJNG writing is either crossed out with MZ, Operativo MZ, or CDS being written next to it or on top of it. Atleast in that town MZ seem to have won.

    3. Do you recall the name? An Espanol? Me hablo mucho piquito.
      I can say ME GUSTA LOS PANTELONES, no seriously, this is all I remember. Name of video? Gracias

    4. 3:35 whatever makes you feel better. Sorry to inform you MZ is getting smashed by cuatro letters

    5. Los Alegres del Barranco - El del Palenque. Andi verga, tu si sabes de corridos güey.

    6. If they are getting smashed or not I don't know or care. I'm rooting for the average civilian in Zacatecas, that's who I hope comes out on top. And Ms. H, it was on YouTube. And in spanish. If I remember correctly it wasn't a documentary, but a special report. I'll look for it and post it here for you.

    7. Here you go Ms. H
      It's in spanish just so you know, but you don't need to understand it to see what I was talking about.

    8. Miss H bake me a Chest Blaster Rig.Pie.

  3. In a war theres always deaths from Both side like the time 30 Cjng where ambush and kill by CDS mercenarys and im sure CJNG has seen it share of deaths ☠️

    1. After that cjng got more sicarios and have been kicking CDS A%$!

      Shouldn't you be worried about mother Russia blowing you up?

  4. Replies
    1. No way 7:03 just wait till Ivan and his small ass hands gets involved. Rumour has it he's rocking 3 inches

  5. Jardinero is in Nayarit right now. Mecatan, Municpio del San Blas.
    He pulled up in a 50+ convoy last night around midnight and his men set up checkpoints at the entrance to el pueblito. Hes visiting family he has living there and i believe a Newborn
    The people there dont mind him as they feel safe

    1. Sure dude. I guess you are right next to him. Funny hilarious

    2. People die everyday nothing knew. .. casualties of war. Everyone knows what they signed up for

    3. Cuernavaca is furious furious 😡 cjng is kicking his favorite cartels A$$ 🤣

      Cuernavaca bully all day EVERY DAY 😆

  6. Too bad these shootouts weren't live- streamed. Perfect entertainment where bad guys kill bad guys.
    How more humane can there be.


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