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Monday, February 28, 2022

GOPES Strike Back At CDG Los Metros in Tamaulipas

 “HEARST” for Borderland Beat

Following the two nights in a row in which members of the Gulf Cartel faction Los Metros shot out and destroyed video surveillance cameras, the special operations group of the State Police cracked down on organized crime in the area, leading to the seizure of tons of valuable equipment. 

Warning: Graphic images below this point. 

The Press Release 

On the night of February 24 until the night of February 26, 2022, Los Metros systematically shot out the government surveillance cameras located in the city of Reynosa and some in La Ribereña region of the state of Tamaulipas. For more details on why they took out the surveillance cameras, please see this previous Borderland Beat story

In response to this, law enforcement within the state allegedly went out of their way to locate, detain, and seize people or equipment related to organized crime. 

On February 26, 2022, a press release was sent out by the office of Tamaulipas’s Secretary of Public Security. It read as follows: 

February 26, 2022

Victoria City, Tamaulipas - The Secretary of Public Security of Tamaulipas announces that, as a continuation of the actions to combat and dissuade the criminal groups, without cessation, in La Ribereña region, agents of the Grupo de Operaciones Especiales (GOPES) of the State Police seized 14 vehicles -4 of them of were of the so-called “monstruos” type and several with custom armor- as well as 28 long barrel firearms, more than 4,000 bullets, almost 50 ballistic plate vests, video surveillance equipment and devices known as ponchallantas, among other objects.

There was one detainee named Obed "P", who is identified as a wanted man by the United States for the crime of homicide. This person was located in the municipality of Diaz Ordaz and handed over to the U.S. authorities.

Photos of SSP officers removing Los Metros roadblocks from a section of highway in La Ribereña region. 

As a consequence of the actions carried out by GOPES in La Ribereña region, during the course of yesterday afternoon and evening, in the municipalities of Camargo, Diaz Ordaz and Miguel Aleman, criminal groups carried out 5 road blockades with heavy vehicles, tires -several of them burned- and various objects in an attempt to impede the mobilization of the security forces. Road traffic was reestablished after midnight.

Truck burning blockade seen in Diaz Ordaz municipality, and a tire burning roadblock seen in Camargo.

Similarly, as a result of the operations, GOPES personnel were attacked by an armed group on Los Aldama Avenue in the town of Miguel Aleman. One agent was injured.

The aftermath of the Los Aldama Avenue attack, which allegedly left 4 hitmen dead according to a tweet by La Voz Del Pueblo on Twitter.

Yesterday in the Lucha Social neighborhood of the town of Miguel Aleman, GOPES agents seized a video surveillance camera, 4 long barrel firearms, vests, magazines and cartridges.

In another area, yesterday in the town of Los Comales, GOPES agents seized 24 long barrel firearms (one of which is a .50 caliber, 6 were AK47-style firearms and 17 were .223 caliber firearms), as well as 5 vehicles (3 of them so-called of the so-called “monstruos” type and two SUVs).

In that same location, 3,500 bullets of .223 caliber and 849 bullets of 7.62 caliber were seized, as well as three 40mm grenade launcher attachments. Also in that same location, 5 full tactical uniforms, 46 plate carrier vests and 56 ballistic plates. 

The official press release continues on a second page, which reads as follows: 


In the course of the last 8 days, agents of the GOPES have carried out various actions during patrol and reconnaissance runs , with the following results:

In the town of Rancherías, in the municipality of Camargo, GOPES personnel seized two SUVs and a vehicle with monstruos-type custom armor, inside of which they found a dome-type video surveillance camera, a video camera with a base, as well as 49 telephone chips [more commonly known as SIM cards] for use in cell phones as well as ballistic equipment, among other objects.

In another operation, in a breach in the Santa Rosalía area, near the border with Nuevo León, in the municipality of Camargo, a dome type video surveillance camera was located on a tower, which was deactivated and removed. It was apparently installed in order to observe the movement of security corporations and rival criminal groups.

As part of the prevention and dissuasion patrols in La Ribereña area, GOPES agents secured a car, a handgun, magazines and cartridges, as well as 10 bags of green plant with marijuana-like characteristics in the town of Rancherías, in the municipality of Camargo. There was one detainee who, upon observing the presence of the police, fired shots in an attempt to flee.

Finally, in one of the operations, a SUV was abandoned in an unpaved road in the municipality of Diaz Ordaz, inside of which tire puncture devices were found.

GOPES is the specialized group of the State Police that develops strategic and intelligence operations used to combat individuals and criminal groups that threaten the security of Tamaulipas families.

The press release briefly mentioned the arrest of Obed "P". His prevalence in the criminal underworld and Obed’s relevance to larger cartel violence that has been occuring in Tamaulipas will be covered in an article later this week by Itzli. 

Sources: Photo of Official Statement, El Redactor, La Silla Rota, El Sol de Tampico,La Prensa de Monclova

Photo Credit: Tamaulipas RTC Post 1, Post 2, Post 3, Post 4, La Voz del Pueblo Post 1, Post 2, Post 3, Loba Indomable


  1. Damn girl you are on fire !!!
    Although it doesnt surprise me at all !
    Just doing what you do !

  2. Good afternoon BB. Wanted to give respect to HEARST for writing these articles with such attention to detail. Also respect to Mr Sol and company. Stay safe guys and God bless ya.

    Rubio NYC

    1. How have you been, Mr. Rubio? I hope you are doing well and staying safe.

    2. Thank you Hearst. Working hard. Last night was walking to the gym and right next to a store i see a guy sitting in the sidewalk and it was very cold and all i see this guy doing is rolling up his coat to try and find a vein and thought about everything i read on here and just said to myself WOW what a shame.

      Im looking to stay out of trouble. Was thinking of how hard it is to stay away from this site. It's the first and last thing I check daily. O do hope at some point that you guys can he rewarded for everything you guys do. I have to say that it is very unique what goes on here. But i can say that everyone respects and are very thankful of what's being done.

      Rubio NYC.

    3. I think there's no shame in being drawn to reading about this topic, no matter how repetitively gorey it can seem at times. Things can’t get better unless we stare down the barrel of the truth and accept things as they are.

      Knowledge is power. Let's demystify these groups, expose the faces and names of every cartel leader we can.

    4. Hmmmmmm, yessss you are correct. You have elaborated about the subject down to it's very essence. To really see it for what it is. And yes you are also correct. A lot of times it can be a gory subject. I sometimes think things can't or won't get more complex within the groups or the things they do. And BAMMM, they find a way to leave you with your jaw hanging. It's shocking a lot of times because you think about all the things that were done to the Jews. And some of the things you hear happen in Africa or some places in Europe, and how they are seen as appalling, and something is done about it. But then i see what these guys do in Mexico, and how they are even worse at times, and it's not being talked about all over the world as it should be. Makes you wonder. Thank you for taking the time, and giving me your input.

      Rubio NYC

    5. Great article Hearst, enjoyed immensely. Thank you

  3. Them G.O.P.E.S, Public Security Secretary, and Cabeza de Vaca are something else. Corrupt as hell and here they are acting like they doing it to keep the average civilian safe.. These comedians almost made me laugh. Their hypocrisy knows no limits...I'll give the Pub. Security Sec. some props, atleast he/she said that these operations were carried out to dissuade the metros from doing sh@#! like this. Them gopes weren't even thinking of taking them four guys in, nor trying to cover up their executions to well. They didn't even plant guns on a couple of them, and to the one they did,..Come on!!! You guys are really going to place the weapon on his back. Should've not even bothered. There actually was no need for them to, but they're so currpt and so use to it that it's instinct to them now, they can't help it. That's how bad it is with them.

    1. 3:07 my thoughts exactly 💯

      Cavesa de caca has been doing that for years. Supposedly he's wanted by the U S but he's not even in hiding..
      Just business as usual with crooked governors and the cartel they make money with 💰 🤑 💸 💲

    2. He is not wanted by the dumbass american law enforcement he was pictured eating in mcallen tx. a few days ago. They dont even understand he is basically a the boss of a criminal cell with government titles and government enforcers fighting for criminal supremacy in tamaulipas along with the 3 cdg factions the old school zetas and cdn.

    3. 10:21 he was wanted at one point. But the way the system works is he has to be out of office in order to get Fu@k@D..
      He will get a slap on the wrist and a PAT ON THE BACK for fuckCK!nG the mexican people over. It won't be by Mexican government but by the Americans who also want a piece of the stolen state money and the millions of brives he received 😉..
      I thought you knew how the game works homie?..

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    1. In Norway relaxing no TV no WiFi. Well deserved situation.

    2. She went off to the land of thr elves, along with Bilbo and Frodo Baggins

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    4. El luchador
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    5. Hey pendejo how is it being nosey asking about someone who's meant soo much to BB? I understand she's had health issues so yah I just wanted to know if she's good. Btw reading a comment section where there's alot of chisme as well as taking the time to respond is a good way of being nosey. But you do you

    6. 12:32 they have given you the answer, now don't get a heart attack. Mellow Yellow, no road rage por favor.

    7. Lucholo all stressed out from wearing red panties.its ok bro we dont judge you. Get your freak on.

    8. Inche bola de puros pendejos!! Valen pa pura madre con sus babosadas

    9. Luchador
      Por favor comment on the article instead of wondering if Rubio is wearing Red Panties today. Or Chivis, which the answer has been given. Sol has also given the answer weeks ago, and does not like to repeat it everyday.
      Por favor comment about the article... Gracias

  5. Guy in black with vest looks to have been executed on site

  6. Hearst any new articles coming with maps on them? Those are probably my favorite to read and look at its really intriguing

    1. Coming soon keep your underwear on.

    2. I've been working on a map of Colima which shows the areas allegedly under each cartel's control.

      And with this Colima map, I'm testing out a new method to show the major roadways and major towns.

      Coming out in a story sometime this week. :)


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