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Friday, February 25, 2022

Pesquería, Nuevo León: Police And Ex-Police Officer Arrested For Kidnapping

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For the forced disappearance of a young man, who was later found murdered, an active police officer and a former police officer from the municipality of Pesquería were arrested.

They were identified as Adán and Karla, who were executed an arrest warrant for the forced disappearance of persons, which was carried out by ministerial agents for Anti-kidnapping, Disappearance of Persons and the Pesquería detachment in two simultaneous operations for the capture.

Adam was arrested during the shift change at the municipal Public Security Secretariat.

The report from the Justice Prosecutor's Office indicates that the illegal deprivation of liberty and subsequent disappearance of the young man took place on October 24, 2021, when Karla was also an active police officer of the municipal corporation.

The police investigations revealed that the victim was dining at a taco stand in Colonia Ladrillera, when the police duo arrived in the patrol to subdue and directly handcuff the person.

Later they took him to an unknown destination, they never presented him at the facilities of the Security Secretariat.

Later, the young man who was only identified by the authorities as G.D., was found dead under a bridge, in the adjoining municipality of Marín.

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