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Friday, February 4, 2022

Parral, Chihuahua: 'El Maniaco', Is Captured, Alleged Operator For The Sinaloa Cartel

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Efrén S.G. was arrested along with another 10 subjects for illegal possession of firearms and drugs. In addition vehicles and tactical equipment were seized.

The evening of this Thursday, elements of the State Research Agency with the Support of Elements of the Mexican Army, reported on the apprehension in Parral of the priority objective and main generator of violence in the southern area of ​​the State of Chihuahua, Efrene SG, alias' El Maniaco 'and another 10 subjects.

The arrest of these people took place in terms of flagrancy, due to the illegal possession of firearms and drugs, in addition, vehicles and tactical equipment were seized.

The Attorney General's Office reported that in the operation in addition to Efrén S.G.,Uriel Eriberrto U.C., Ismael R.U., Alfredo M.M., Jesús Alejandro A.M., Rubén G.R., Diana Karina L.A., César Abraham G.P., Luis Alberto G.O., Juan Carlos C.M. and Alejandro R.S. Most of them originating from Sinaloa and Guadalupe and Calvo, Chihuahua.

All of them are part of the criminal organization Los Salgueiros, Gente Nueva, operators of the Sinaloa cartel in the central-south area of ​​the northern state.

The arrest of 'El Maniaco' and two of his companions, was performed at approximately 20:30 hours on the outskirts of a shopping center located on Tecnológico avenue. These people were arrested in a flagrant crime carrying firearms, one of them a rifle.

In addition, they were in possession of a vehicle with a report of theft, a 2020 red Chevy Silverado truck, in which they had various wrappers of cocaine. When approached, 'El Maniaco' tried to identify himself with false documentation to try to hide his actual identity. 

Subsequently, the arrest of eight more people was achieved in the Altavista neighborhood, for the crime of possession of firearms for the exclusive use of the army and the armed forces. As well as a considerable amount of marijuana packaged for sale.

The detention was carried out at an address on 11th Street in the aforementioned neighborhood where the agents realized the presence of armed subjects. Which lead to his capture and the discovery of two firearms, the drugs, as well as military uniforms and diverse clothing and tactical equipment. 

The detainees were transferred to the State capital. While the vehicles, weapons and drugs seized, were made available to the Public Prosecutor's Office for the corresponding investigations. 



  1. CDS the most powerful syndicate in the doubt about that!

    1. Whatever makes you feel better... but no hahaha

  2. Looks like some serious criminals right there

  3. Sinaloa getting hit more than other Cartels. Oh well Menchos wife is locked up, oh well mrnchito blah blah., Sinaloa is getting hit hard, they are not giving big bribes, but CJNG is giving big bribes

  4. Salgueiro brothers decided to switch sides and take orders from Guano instead of Ivan. So basically they are not Chapos anymore its another group.

    1. Wtf are you serious So are they not Gente Nueva anymore? Chapos dnt have parral??

    2. GN been having problems with chapitos
      Who would want to take orders from those mocosos?!

  5. I have a beef with Obrador.
    Why in the hell does he call cars coming from the USA "cholocolate cars",
    Makes me think they are made out of candy. Or they don't last that long because they will melt.


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