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Thursday, February 3, 2022

Acatzingo; Puebla: Businessman Is Kidnapped, Quickly Released Following Rapid Police Mobilization

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Photos of the moment in which the merchant is picked up in Acatzingo.

A merchant from Acatzingo was kidnapped by a group of criminals who were traveling aboard a truck.

The authorities mounted a strong police operation and after a mobilization they managed to get the criminals to release the merchant.

As PÁGINA NEGRA reported, the events that occurred around 8:03 p.m. on Tuesday, February 1, were captured in a video from security cameras circulating on social networks.

This is how the merchant was abducted

The merchant Concepción N., 45 years old, owner of a tortilla shop and a mini-supermarket, arrived at his establishment located on 6 Oriente Street in the Las Tres Horas neighborhood, in Acatzingo.

Meters ahead, a group of subjects aboard a Ford truck without license plates, were waiting for him.

As soon as the merchant got out of his vehicle, the subjects surrounded him and put him in the truck.

The video shows the struggle and how complicated it was for the criminals to get him into the truck, but they finally took him away.

The mobilization

The municipal authorities received the report of the kidnapping around 8:30 p.m. and immediately set up an operation with the support of other corporations.

Minutes later, the Ford truck that the criminals used to kidnap the merchant  was located near the area known as "El Corralito" in the La Novena neighborhood.

Elements of the Ministerial Police participated in the operation.

Around 10 pm the merchant met with his family and although he was beaten, these injuries were not life-threatening.

It is presumed that after the police mobilization the criminals, most of them young, felt cornered and released the victim.

The merchant was transferred to the corresponding authorities to render his statement. The truck involved was placed at the disposal of the Public Ministry and the investigative folder was initiated.

According to information to which PÁGINA NEGRA had access, the Ford van used by the criminals to commit the kidnapping had previously participated in two crimes that occurred in Acatzingo.

An increase in crime in Acatzingo

Unofficially it was reported that about 20 days ago, four young people were abducted in the municipality. 

The relatives of the young people didn’t denounce or report anything to the authorities, in exchange for their freedom they paid approximately 100 thousand pesos for the four, this was an express kidnapping.

During the month of January, two murders occurred. The first happened on January 16 where two cousins ​​were murdered in a family fight.

On January 17, two men were killed and located inside a car in the auxiliary council of San Sebastián Villanueva.

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