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Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Kidnapping, Car Chase Then A Police Shootout Leaves 3 Hitmen Dead in Victoria, Tamaulipas

"Itzli" for Borderland Beat

A person was kidnapped off the street by cartel hitmen, which led to a police pursuit and shootout that left 3 men dead in Victoria, Tamaulipas. 

Warning: Graphic images below this point.

The Public Security Secretariat of Tamaulipas reported that state police arrested a man, seized 4 long barrel firearms, tactical equipment and a car, as a result of actions following a report of aggression against officers and the kidnapping of a person in the Azteca neighborhood of Ciudad Victoria, who was rescued alive. 

During these events, three people were killed in a chase along the Ciudad Victoria to Santander Jimenez highway, who were accused of having participated in an aggression against state police officers in the vicinity of the Barrio de Pajaritos neighborhood in the state capital. 

How the Chase Happened

Preliminary reports indicate that, during the early morning hours, armed subjects on board a car deprived a person of his freedom in the Azteca neighborhood. 

With the support of the video surveillance service, the vehicle was tracked and located. Upon being detected by state police, the occupants threw tire blowouts and fired shots at police units, which led to a chase on the Ciudad Victoria-Santander Jimenez highway, where they again fired shots at the state police units. 

During the confrontation, three occupants of the aggressor vehicle were killed and the vehicle was overturned. Inside the vehicle, long weapons and tactical equipment were found. 


Around 6:00 a.m., relatives of the victim reported that the victim was left safe and sound in the area of Ejido Laborcitas. 

The detainee and the seized items were handed over to the ministerial authorities of the State Attorney General's Office for the follow-up of the investigations, while the police are still deployed to locate those who fled.

Source: El Universal

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  1. That's Kool they dumped one of the dead kidnapper in the Blue trash can. Good job the car jacks did not work this time.


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