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Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Daughter of Mencho Still Trying to Get Amparo Against Arrest Warrant

"Ivan" for Borderland Beat 

The daughter of "Mencho", Nemesio Oseguera, Laisha Michelle Oseguera González, filed an amparo claim against any arrest warrant that a control judge had issued against her.

The processing of the guarantee demand was carried out on January 28 before the Eighth District Court of Amparo in Criminal Matters in Mexico City and indicated as the responsible authority by the Federal Criminal Justice Center with residence in the South Prison.

However, Judge Luz María Ortega Tlapa gave him a period of five days, counted from the day after the notification takes effect, to clarify his claim and “under protest to tell the truth, to which judicial authority of those indicated as responsible, he attributes in a concrete way the act that he wishes to combat in the present constitutional instance and its antecedents,” reported La Jornada.

She warned him that if he does not comply with the foregoing in the terms indicated and within the period granted for this, the application for amparo will be deemed not filed.

In November of last year, federal authorities accused Laisha Michelle and her boyfriend Christian Fernando Gutiérrez of being intellectual authors of the kidnapping of two elements of the Secretary of the Navy in Zapopan, Jalisco, after the capture of Rosalinda Valencia, El Mencho's wife.

Source: Riodoce


  1. The negligence of Mexico's legal system is why the country is doomed.

    1. Yes Afghanistan this Afghanistan that ohh hell.
      Michoachangos down town.

  2. Por favor no free. Pass they are evil. They will stab you on the back when you are not looking.

  3. AMLO is furious that the news got a hold of it, another hit on journalist.

    AMLO son has Million dollar home in the US. Also the son Jose Ramon Lopez owns a $70,000 Mercedes+Benz SUV.
    And get this the son does not work.

    1. The perks of being a dad but not a father.

    2. ALL the presidents in Mexican history have been sell outs and steal ALL the money they can.
      The only righteous Mexican president was Lazaro Cardenas, he was a general before he was a president. He left the office and did not steal any money.
      His son on the other hand is a crook just like the rest.
      I know he's in politics but not sure of his role.
      I saw a story how a guy went to michoacan to see Lazaro Cardenas family and see how they lived.
      They were average Mexican working people. He didn't take advantage and gave them all properties of kind or riches. He died a simple man and did a great job in office

      AMLO acts like a good honest man but he's a wolf in sheep's clothing..
      Abrazos no balazos narco president AMLO

    3. 952 you got all that from Wikipedia tonto.

    4. 9:59 i guess I'm a walking talking Wikipedia because it cane from my dome Tonto

    5. 8:14 with Cartels giving bribes in suitcases and being cjng the major contributor, it is no wonder that he can buy expensive cars and million dollar homes to his family members. All presidents that serve time are curupt, except the one unkown mentioned Lazaro Cardenas.

    6. @1037
      I heard on the bribes he only accepts US currency, no pesos from his country. I'm guessing the peso are more bulky, like the Venezuela Bolivar money.

    7. 1012 it came from your dome? Lol, that explains a lot. 💩💩💩

    8. You idiots know nothing about history..
      Stupid AMLO groupies lol
      I will remind you pendejos when all the dirt comes out. ALL the bribes and cartel ties with AMLO and CDS and possibly CJNG..
      Let's see what nonsense you kids will say.. 😆

    9. The reason you pendejos don't know about that president is evident. The crooked presidents after him don't like him because he was one of a kind. They live by greed and don't care for the people. I suggest you morons read about that great man and what he did for the 🇲🇽 people..

    10. @814. Name a single rumour, ANYTHING, that connects AMLO to the murder of a journalist. You are absolutely clueless, and guessing.

    11. @3.14. You are talking about AMLO and Mexican History? You should have gone further than US media. I am genuinely interested in what you have uncovered, and what you know. Other than ''All Presidents Take Bribes'', which is bullshit. Their henchmen facilitate a whole network, true, but Los Pinos? It isn't as simple as that. CDS and ''possibly'' CJNG? Tell us what you know about the ''History'' of AMLO and his corruption.
      Why do people who call out ignorance have to be either a groupie or a cheerleader or a snitchaloan nuthugger?
      All you are saying is you don't know shit but one day your prejudice will be vindicated.

    12. @9.52. Everything that has been happening in Mexico- the battle he had with the military who were really running protection, or allowing police on different levels to run protection, which is what the bribes are FOR - the infighting, the subtle purges- points to him NOT taking bribes, and suffering politically because of it.
      (He let Ovidio go because it was a bureaucratic fuck up and he had no choice, and the Cienfuegos situation was a bureaucratic fuck up from start to finish from the DEA and drenched in US propaganda- half a dozen ''junior diplomats'' yanked out of bed to leak bullshit to anybody in Mexico who would poison the well before the State bribed press could spray cold water. Cienfuegos has been doing what he was doing for a very long time, so I'm not defending him, but you misunderstand the power a President has, just like Americans do)
      Anybody who says AMLO is corrupt just means Mexico is corrupt. Cos...''I heard its corrupt as fuck down there!''

  4. You got to be suicidal to go out with her.


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