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Wednesday, February 2, 2022

International Support Grows For Mexico’s Lawsuit Against US Gun-Makers

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“I feel very encouraged because this means that what we are doing as a government is worth doing,” a Mexican official said. “We are confirming that the missing link in this whole equation of illicit trafficking is the gun companies.”

In a big boost to the Mexican government’s historic federal lawsuit against American gun-makers, 13 US states, the District of Columbia, two countries, a coalition of attorneys general, and numerous advocacy groups on Monday filed or joined amicus briefs supporting Mexico’s litigation, which seeks to hold weapons manufacturers accountable for the violence they facilitate. 

“The defendant gun manufacturers send guns to Mexico, where transnational drug cartels use them to inflict violence on both sides of the border.”

Chesa Boudin, San Francisco District Attorney reports attorneys general from California, Connecticut, Delaware, the District of Columbia, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, and Oregon joined an amicus brief filed by Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey urging a federal court in Boston to deny the gun-makers’ motions to dismiss the suit. 

“States and cities have the right to protect residents with reasonable gun laws—and federal law doesn’t shield companies from complying,” Washington, DC Attorney General Karl A. Racine, a Democrat, tweeted Tuesday. 

The Trace reports Alejandro Celorio Alcántara, principal legal adviser of Mexico’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said: “I feel very encouraged because this means that what we are doing as a government is worth doing. We are confirming that the missing link in this whole equation of illicit trafficking is the gun companies. And I think that’s recognized on both sides of the border.”

According to

A separate brief filed by Ellen Leonida, a partner at BraunHagey & Borden, on behalf of a coalition of U.S. district attorneys asserts that U.S. cities have been negatively impacted by the guns trafficked into Mexico, saying those weapons end up on U.S. streets alongside vast quantities of illicit drugs. Leonida also linked the weapons trafficking to rising homicides and overdose deaths in the U.S.

Signees to that amicus brief include Melinda Katz, district attorney for Queens County, New York, and San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin. 

“The defendant gun manufacturers send guns to Mexico, where transnational drug cartels use them to inflict violence on both sides of the border,” Boudin said in a statement. “These gun manufacturers are empowering the drug traffickers flooding our streets with fentanyl and methamphetamines.”

Reuters reports that the countries of Belize as well as Antigua and Barbuda on Monday filed separate briefs urging the court to deny the defendants’ motions to dismiss the suit, arguing that US gun-makers “must not be permitted to hold hostage the law-abiding citizens of an entire region of the world.” 

Various US gun violence prevention groups—including Everytown for Gun Safety, Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, Global Exchange, March for Our Lives, Newtown Action Alliance, and the Violence Policy Center—also on Monday filed an amicus brief in support of Mexico’s litigation. 

“As this case shows, the impact of irresponsible gun industry practices can have devastating effects on communities—whether in the U.S. or abroad,” Alla Lefkowitz, senior director of affirmative litigation at Everytown Law, said in a statement. “The gun industry has refused to accept that it has a critical role to play in preventing gun violence. No industry should be able to operate with impunity, and we’ll continue to fight on every front to hold reckless actors in the industry accountable for the harm they cause.”

Last August, Mexico sued companies including Smith & Wesson, Barrett Firearms, Beretta USA, Colt’s Manufacturing Co., Glock, and Sturm, Ruger & Co., seeking as much as $10 billion in compensation after linking more than 17,000 of the nation’s 34,648 homicides in 2019 to weapons trafficked from the United States. 

“Almost all guns recovered at crime scenes in Mexico—70% to 90% of them—were trafficked from the U.S.,” the lawsuit states, adding that it seeks to “put an end to the massive damage that the defendants cause by actively facilitating the unlawful trafficking of their guns to drug cartels and other criminals in Mexico.”

According to Reuters: 

The companies have argued Mexico has failed to establish its harms were attributable to them and that a U.S. law, the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, protected gun-makers from lawsuits over their products’ misuse.

Mexico’s lawyers in a filing on Monday countered that the law only precludes lawsuits over injuries that occur in the United States and would not shield the companies from allegations over the trafficking of guns to Mexican criminals.

“The enormous and militarized U.S. gun market has accelerated violence in Mexico, which in turn has forced migrants to seek asylum in the United States,” John Lindsay-Poland, coordinator of the Stop U.S. Arms to Mexico project at Global Exchange, said in a statement.

“Criminal organizations in Mexico make profits based on territory they control, for which they use U.S.-sourced, military-grade weapons,” he added. “The assault and sniper rifles aggressively marketed by the gun company defendants provide a perfect supply for such violence. Global Exchange stands with those seeking to change the U.S. weapons industry’s practices.”

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  1. Interesting article. Curious if such lawsuits against gun manufacturers can can be applied to a foreign country. Here in the US lawsuits against American gun manufacturers who commit crimes like those of school shootings are hard to win.
    Added with the support of those NRA government supporters.
    This will be an interesting case.
    Let's be clear that gun manufacturers do not cross borders ,people do.

    1. Would you believe ALMO has a team of layers from Mexico going suing the gun manufacturer, furthermore a team in USA of lawyers based in Texas are also suing the gun manufacturer.
      It's the criminals that pull the trigger, not the gun manufacturer.

    2. That’s a good argument about who cross the border stuff. Funny you mention that because a long time ago we used to have a real good cough syrup and flu medicine of the counter and because of the drug addicts they took that away and we all got punish. Now you have to get a prescription by a doctor to get that shit.

    3. 319, you're not even mexican but you wanna drop comments like you're an expert. Get outta here dork.

    4. @2:14 There's a difference of an individual or 2 or3 being able to aquire a couple guns illegally (which isn't always the case, it's not uncommon them using legally purchased guns) and do some cowardly act such as shooting up a school, it's a whole different thing thousands of weapons being smuggled into a country on a consistent basis. Aren't manufacturers and gun stores supposed to know who the person is that's purchasing the weapon??? There has to be a name attached to the bill of sales. That's what a guns serial number is for right? To connect the dots?

    5. 5:34 Rookie welcome to reality. There is a name attached to every purchase, if they pass the background check,they get to purchase, and now a serial number goes with that person.
      That person then sells it for 3 times the price, to Mexician underworld, he is a straw hat buyer. Now if you catch what I said, is this the fault of the gun manufacturer or the purchaser:of the weapon?

  2. AMLO needs to file a lawsuit against Barak Obama .He is the one that responsible for the arming of the cartels.
    And another lawsuit for the violations of the Mexican People civil rights and racism for exporting to Mexico a product desgined to kill its people .

  3. Finally 🇲🇽 does something good
    Won't work through
    Just like there's a so called WAR on drugs but the drugs and junkies are all over the U.S of A
    Too much money involved. 💰

  4. The United States should also sue Obradors government for letting tons of drugs into USA. Many have died to overdoses.

    1. As unfortunately as that may be, drug use is a choice, getting shot usually isn't.

    2. Totally agree. Mexico lacks the enforcement requirements under agreements to stem drug trafficking and those traffickers. Along with the impunity given to those Mexican officials who conspired with the cartels. But we all know too well political campaign funds are essential to those running for office in Mexico.
      I call it like many see it, even the current Mexican president is complicit ti such financial support.

    3. Why if all the drugs come from China and coke from Colombia and Peru..
      America would go bananas if there were no drugs to consume

    4. @ 5:47
      Same can be said about alcohol. Americans enjoy the fruits of feeling good. Unfortunately, there are many who tragically fall victim to abuses. A mental deformality which cannot be shake-off.
      The world would be in a BETTER STATE if many things didn't exist.

    5. Mexico is not suing the US government, they are suing the weapons manufacturer. If the United States wants to sue someone they should sue the Drug Cartels.

    6. 6:10 please re read no one said Mexico is suing the US government. 101.

    7. Anon 6:44 My comment is in response to the one saying that US should sue Obrador because of the drug flow. So. If US should sue someone they should sue the ones who bring the drugs. Not Obrador.

  5. @3:33 Agree 100% There is way too much money involved for peace to have any real chance.

  6. This is bullshit. 30% of the weapons that are sold to mexican armed forces are straight up resold to cartels. The usa shld not sell mexico shit train their armed forces which will turn into sicarios and frankly the usa shld put sanctions against mexico to force that useless walking bag of flesh that is amlo to go after the cartels like jalisco cdn and metros that are raping the shit out of mexico literally. The mexican goverment is so corrupt and frankly full of useless braindead morons. Good luck with your law suit that wont win. Dont blame usa for how you have let this disorganized criminal terrorists destroy your country. Blame yourselves and your greed and the fact that you will sell your mamas for a few bucks. Oh by the way the usa dont make ak 47s greedy fucks. Why isnt china or russia also being sued ya fucking hippocrates

    1. 6:26 the U.S and 🇲🇽 are deep in corruption. It mostly benefits the U.S because at the end of the day only Mexicans get arrested while the U.S crooks sit back and chill counting their money 💰

      They can seal that border air tight but that won't change a thing.
      I remember Trump supporters with that border wall nonsense 🙄
      What has that done to stop anything?
      After Biden was in office he let thousands of central Americans in through the front door.. 😆

      The drug problem hasn't got any better either..

      The the thing is, the Government of Mexico and U.S are deep in the drug and gun trafficking..
      I read somewhere years back how gun manufacturers are related to U.S Government officials onne way or the other. They make a killing when they go to wars. That's the reason U.S is always creating wars ALL over the world and now 🇲🇽

    2. I get your well said points, but unfortunately the president of Mexico is complacent with the cartels, instead he passes the buck and blames it on someone else. That's how he washes his hands. Furthermore BRIBES make him happy, that cartels bring in. Recently he bought his son a million dollars home in USA and a luxury Mercedes. Where do you think that money came from????

    3. 649. I don't think you read the same headlines that are posted on borderland beat. If the president of mexico is complacent with the cartels then how do you explain Menchos son, daughter, wife and inlaws being in prison extradited or having orders of apprehension? Furthermore, how do you explain the 2 of the largest methamphetamine drug bust in Sinaloa along with the other one in Sonora and one of chapitos plaza bosses being apprehended in mexico city? These are articles posted on borderland beat within the last three days. I think you suffer from selective reading.

    4. 9:37 You keep putting the same blinders like horses, the plate of information has been given, and you still blind as a fukn bat, forget it.

    5. 937.
      Your a big idiot 😂
      Michoachangos are going down.

    6. 9:37 there goes AMLO's layer again 😆

    7. 9:37 all the people mentioned ALL got caught with help from U.S intelligence just like chapo..
      AMLO can't do sh!t but act like he's combating crime and cartels.
      When you get a warrant for your arrest from a city from the U.S you are fuCK#D. They will find you unless you are very discreet and sneaky..
      El menchito got caught because he was partying too much and eventually it caught up to him. (One of his friends most likely switched on his ass)
      His sister was dumb and went to visit his brother in a U.S court knowing she has a warrant.. 😲
      She is almost out, she got a slap on the wrist..
      Menchos wife Rosa Linda, got caught not to long ago but I doubt she will NOT get any big charges, she plays the "I don't know anything I haven't seen mencho in years" role.
      One of his brother in laws was acting tough in Argentina and threatened a guy saying "if we were in Mexico you would be dead"
      So they investigated him and got him. The other cuinis also got caught in south America too,So nothing to do with AMLO

    8. 937
      He is full of crap.
      Michoachangos going down death to Cjng.

    9. @6:45
      Wars benefits many US government agencies and politicians. Never saw a country where death is so profitable. Weapons of mass destruction made & sold globally are what enriches many.
      Like to see a foreign country who has been victimized by American Weapons be sued.

  7. ALMO opened this can of worms, in starting a lawsuits with the gun manufacturer. Thanks to him law firms in the USA have also started lawsuits against the gun manufacturer.
    Homicides happen by the person that pulls the trigger. Also smugglers send arms to Mexico, not the gun manufacturer.

  8. Yeah, good luck with that. Why doesn't ELMO and company go after the Chinese and huge importers of the precursor chemicals from China and Asia and clean up their ports of entry. Big deflection as liberals always do...smokescreen.

  9. how exactly does this work when the US gov was caught giving guns directly to cartels very recently?
    what about stolen guns?
    what about victims of American companies in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, the 80 tons i read just arrived in Ukraine today. Sudan w/ US weapons being welded by Saudi Arabia?
    what about Colombia, or Nicaragua due to the Contra, or The Haitian President recently killed-would they just pay his family of everyone in the country for his loss? Those from failed coups in Venezuela. What about the Palestinians that are killed by Israel w/ US guns (just kidding we all know Israel can do whatever they hell they want and anyone who disagrees is anti-semite Nazi).
    do victims of us funded isis get to sue too?l
    i could continue the list of countries but we all know its long. way too fucking long.
    So is this just guns, or ammo too?
    What about shit like Monsanto/Bayer Phosphorylate-shown to cause cancer and still used worldwide.
    what about pharmaceutical companies like Phizer and their current Covid-Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) gene editing MRNA treatment. No?
    what about Bayer just selling tainted drugs to multiple countries in the 80s they knew were tainted with AIDS??
    there is and endless # of examples I could cite-as could anyone. We all know the answer to all of the Questions, except for stolen weapons, is no, or NO.
    Once again the gov shows they dont give a shit about our right-or to be more accurate, they despise us having any rights at all. They view them as privileges they are entitled to hand out because lets be clear this isnt about anything other than taking away guns from americans-thats it. Guns have kept the US from going the way of Australia in the last couple years-for those who don't know what Im talking about-Australia has LITERALLY returned to its roots as a prison colony. I mean that very literally.
    Dont get me wrong, i am very sympathetic to the ongoing horror in Mexico, and it needs to stop. As we have seen the best and quickest way to do that is to let everyone have guns. I know its not a perfect solution, but we dont live in a perfect world, and if anything the last 2 years has shown us all, is our governments can turn on us on the population in an instant, we have governments locking down entire major cities due to 1 death of an 87yr person from covid for 2 weeks (to start), governments refusing people entry into grocery stores unless they are injected with an experimental drug-and requiring you do the same to your children-while forcing them to wear a mask that has no medical benefit over their nose and mouth-all the while the same people issuing such mandates are constantly caught at huge parties ignoring their own delcrations-because this isnt about health-its about power and control and it is only going to get worse from here. nobody or government has the right to prevent anyone from being able to defend themselves although i have no doubt they all disagree


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