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Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua: Local Extortionists Ask For "Contributions" On Behalf Of The CJNG

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

A subject who identifies himself as Engineer Heriberto Torres, assures that they agreed with authorities to carry out an alleged purge in the region.

Telephone extortions continue to be the order of the day in Ciudad Juárez, now in the name of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel criminal group, according to an audio that was sent to the El Heraldo de Juárez newsroom.

In said recording, a subject who identifies himself as Engineer Heriberto Torres, assures that in a meeting between state authorities and commanders of his criminal organization, they agreed to carry out a supposed purge in the region.

Blatantly, the extortionist provided the victim's data and asks for a "financial contribution" in exchange for not harming him or threatening the safety of his family.

"Last week we had a meeting with high-ranking government officials, which you didn’t attend, who asked us loudly to stop this whole wave of violence that dominates the region day by day," says the voice that is heard on the call.

In exchange for the "financial contribution", the extortionist promises to provide security to his victim's family, giving him the option of being for him or against him.

"Do you want to support us with news, do you want me to come to your home and someone from my mob gets involved, abducts a member of your family and they bring them here to the safe house, where we talk or negotiate through a kidnapping?" he added.

While laughing he assures that it’s better for him and his people to ask for "help" like this, than to do it by arriving with 40 vehicles in a caravan and doing it personally, but they won’t do it "out of respect for the family."

According to the victim, the call was received from the telephone number (332) 705-36-13. The offender even announces that he will call later to see how much they can help him with.

El Heraldo de Chihuahua


  1. Are these like the cjng texts that I get when I text hookers in mexico?

  2. In the USA the 3 letter cartel uses the same extortion tactics.
    "Make a donation or you will be labeled a racist" .

  3. How do the people stand a chance? 1. Pay the demanding Cartel. 2. Get kidnapped and killed by rival Cartel for paying said demanding Cartel, or 3. Refuse all "contribution" requests, get kidnapped and killed by demanding Cartel? Add in Targeting of Family members...

    1. I am sorry the person that eats raw meat. It's damn if you do and Damned if don't. Kill or be killed.

  4. I assume this isn't actually CJNG, but just some local guy or gang looking for an easy buck.

  5. They always said having a wife and children was expensive!

    1. Nope not if you live on rice, beans and tortillas, little nuts flame truther


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