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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Sinaloa Cartel's El Cano Arrested in Nuevo Leon

"HEARST", "Itzli" and "Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Alan Ervey Juárez Castillo, alias “El Cano”, the reported leader of a Sinaloa Cartel cell  was arrested by state authorities while he was in the middle of eating a meal with his family in the city of Monterrey, in the state of Nuevo León. 


On the afternoon of Tuesday, January 18,  2022, agents from the State Investigative Agency (Agencia Estatal de Investigaciones, AEI) swarmed a restaurant. The establishment, called Pollo Loco, is located on the Ruiz Cortines Avenue in Guadalupe, which is the eastern side of Monterrey city.

The agents were targeting Alan Ervey Juárez Castillo, alias “El Cano”, the suspected leader of a Sinaloa Cartel cell that operated in the region. They came with an outstanding arrest warrant in hand. The warrant was granted based on El Cano’s suspected involvement in charges of kidnapping and aggravated homicide.  

Although the photograph shared by the Attorney General's Office, is said to correspond Alan Ervey Juárez Castillo arrested yesterday, does not seem to match the physical characteristics of the person who was identified as Alan Ervey Juárez Castillo and was arrested and interned in the Topo Chico prison in 2017, a police source affirmed that his fingerprints were matched, and they correspond to the aforementioned subject who had current arrest warrants for aggravated kidnapping and aggravated homicide.


Following his arrest, El Cano provided authorities with information about a safe house which was being used by cartel members under his command. Dozens of members of law enforcement were sent to raid the safehouse location he reported, which was located on Palmillas Street, in the Palmas neighborhood in the town of Apodaca. 

When they arrived, at around 8:20 PM, suspects began escaping the house and jumping onto neighboring rooftops in order to get away. Shootout reportedly broke out as they fled,  resulting two dead alleged cartel members and one injured AEI agent. 

Video Source: Periódico Síntesis

An online video, as seen above, depicting the moment of some of these shootouts circulated online. The footage captured a children’s party taking place nearby in which a woman, dressed as Spiderman, hears officers on loudspeaker warning residents to take shelter and get the guests to safety. 

Additional law enforcement operations took place in Fuentes de Anáhuac, in San Nicolás de los Garza, and Parajes Santa Rosa, in Apodaca, which are all part of the greater Monterrey area. 

The total of the safehouse raid and the additional operations resulted in the arrests of: Gerardo, 34 years old; Abraham Emmanuel, 27 years old; Jesus Abel, 20 years old; Edgar Yoani, 33 years old; Mario, 28 years old; Felipe De Jesus, 20 years old and Haziel Rodriguez, 20 years old.  An unspecified amount of drugs and firearms were found in the possession of the men arrested. 


The criminal career of El Cano, who was born on October 11, 1986, is poorly documented, although there are details beginning to surface now that he has been arrested. It is alleged that he started as a member of the Gulf Cartel (Cartel del Golfo, CDG) and/or Los Zetas, the implication being sometime before 2010 and due to his age at the time it can be reasoned that he was a low ranking member.

El Cano was arrested and imprisoned in 2017 for his drug trafficking ties in the now defunct prison of Topo Chico, in Monterrey, Nuevo León, although at some point thereafter he managed to escape.

It is unclear if he rejoined the Gulf Cartel or possibly the Northeast Cartel (Cartel del Noreste, CDN) following his release from Topo Chico prison. Social media reports indicate that he ended up as part of an independent cartel at some point and it is possible that he never joined with a national group following his prison escape.

During the summer of 2021, rumors began surfacing regarding the Sinaloa Cartel (Cartel de Sinaloa, CDS) expansion into the state of Nuevo León. This was confirmed with the emergence of a video in September of that year in which CDS forces send greetings to the Independent Cartel of Nuevo León and it’s leader, “El Rodó”, as previously reported by Borderland Beat.

El Cano entered the national spotlight on December 17, 2021, when the bodies of three males were found in General Zuazua municipality, to the north of Monterrey, with a threatening message against “chapulines” (literally "grasshopper", this is a slang term for an individual that jumps from group to group), signed by “Comandante Cano”. For further detail, please see this previous story.

The message was noteworthy for “Puro Sinaloa” (literally Pure Sinalao) being written on it, indicating that El Cano was affiliated with the Sinaloa Cartel by this time. It appears that it was at this point that El Cano became a priority target for arrest by Nuevo León authorities.

Following his arrest, reports describe El Cano as a cell leader of a CDS group operating in the municipalities of Monterrey, Escobedo, San Nicolás, Apodaca, Santa Catarina and Zuazua, Nuevo León. 

Based upon what we know about two prominent Monterrey current cartel leaders, El Cano and El Rodó, it can be reasonably inferred that CDS expansion into Nuevo León is currently based upon affiliating with already established local groups that were previously operating independently. With the arrest of El Cano it is likely that CDS support will shift to other groups in the Monterrey metropolitan area unless an underling of El Cano is able to keep Cano’s group together and maintain the alliance with the Sinaloa Cartel. 


  1. Butterball gives up his buddies+safe house as soon as he's arrested? Wimp.

    Canadian girl 💋

    1. I'm sure the bossed will be very understanding..

    2. I'm sure the authorities were very persuasive. But, by the looks of his physique, I'd doubt he has much endurance, or resolve.

    3. 6:45 You're absolutely right! I'm sure that his genitals were introduced to some kind of electricity. I read about Pablo Acosta and they said in Ojinaga, a guy was trying to be the plaza boss after his boss died so they kidnapped/arrested him for 2 days and cattle prodded his balls and tore his nails out to make sure he would never talk.He got the job bur That's a hell of a job interview. Imagine what the same cops would do to a foe or an enemy. "IM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN! WHERE THE COPS DONT SHOCK YOUR BALLS"

    4. 7:52...I've always said, fight as dirty and hard as you can until they just shoot you in the head. That's the best possible outcome. Those guys don't mess around.

  2. Hearst, is it possible to get shirtless pics of all these lovely criminal hunks?

    1. If only we could. Haha.

      To be fair, I personally believe the El Universal-version of the photo of him is the one from this recent arrest so he appears to have lost a lot of weight.

    2. You are correct Hearst the fat photos are from when he was arrested. The skinny photo is the recent one.Last week Ministeriales and Fuerza Civil had been hitting tienditas and safe houses throughout the state and finally caught up with him. State police have also been trying to bring the fight to cdn on the northern part of the state that borders with Tamps. Looks like we now know who Samuelito is backing up in NL.

    3. I always enjoy reading your comments Rafa, it seems you have quite a bit of insight on the situation in NL.

      If you don't mind me asking, are you saying the fat photos are from 2017 when he was in Topo Chico or another time he was arrested? Any insight if he was ever with CDN or was he just a CDG connected guy?

    4. Yes Itzli the fat photos are from 2017, it’s being reported he also had some estitic surgeries done to not be recognized. They link him with cdg and cdn but most likely if he ran shit in topo chico he was z or cdn. A lot of cdn in NL became independent because they didn’t like how cdn was running shit in NL and are know getting support from cds also some cdg in NL have jump shipped to cds.

    5. RAF, what skinny photos? He looks fat in all of them.
      Are your talking about the one with a muscke shirt with his hands behind his back?
      This guy just has no shoulders and skinny arms.
      No muscle what so ever.

    6. Thanks for the quick reply. La Voz del Pueblo said he was CDG/Z but that would only make sense before 2010. And your right, I haven't seen anyone point this out but Topo Chico was so heavy Zeta/CDN I doubt he would have survived and escaped if he wasn't with them.

    7. @ 8:25 AM

      This photo. I included it in my graphic "Discrepancy in Photos of El Cano" in the story.

  3. Replies
    1. I think our original articles have been better in this last month than they ever have been.

      Itzli, Sol, SoCalj and I are all working together more and I think it makes our content better.

    2. I think y’all are amazing. Truly the only source I trust.... now if only the off topic stuff would disappear

  4. The discrepancy seems pretty easy to clear up. If you’re in doubt just unzip his jacket. Case solved

  5. Parece envoltorio de un mexican snack😂

  6. RAFA. Samuel Garcia the govenor of NL is not with Sinaloa, but rather with CDG Metros/CJNG.. its well documented that Samuel has family who are/were old school high ranking CDG capos working under Osiel. He sold the plaza to Primito and his Stepfather allegedly for 3-5 million US dollars up front and a percentage of criminal activities here on out during his time in office.
    Samuel himself is a fucking Narco/Capo. If you think the kid wasnt groomed by his uncles from a young age youre koo koo in the head. He was groomed to be a narco-politician since a young boy and he made it. Allegedly has aspirations to run for president soon as well and according to polls hes actualy a popular and very realistic candidate.
    After Osiel was arrested and extradited his uncles and cousins were off the radar. Im guessing they are now retired or dead but for a fact his cousins are with Primito and los Metros operating from the shadows enjoying the politcal protection Samuel can provide

    As soon as Samuel came into office, Metros and CJNG began a statewide expansion and have been very successful in getting comandantes and jefes de plaza from CDN and CDS but specifically and more so Other CDG amd independent factions to flip and join their ranks
    Rumors circulate that some comanders now have agreed to completely change name from CDG metros to CNLNG and Metros would be the Armed wing. Just like there has been rumors that Primito has been trying to change The name to Cartel Golfo Nueva Generacion or Cartel Tamaulipas Nueva Generacion but still a few bosses have not agreed while other rumors suggest the name change will happen when they succesfully flip all the jefes they need and take all the plazas they have planned and in mind.
    Im sctually surprised it hasnt happened already being that The alliance with csg metros and cjng has fmaily involved primito and his bro R8 forged the aliance thru their stepfather who isa top level jefe de alto rango within cjng who has direct ties to Mencho
    Plus its well known that Primito in part funds the wars in Zacatecas and more so Michoacan with the mkney that he makes from crossing migrants through his plazas. In return he gets a portion of the money made or gets to appoint his own men in some new plazas, gets 30% of drugs crossing his border routes /through his plazas, gets firearms coming into Mx, gets money coming into Mx, but moat importantly he enjoys the politcal, govt, militsry ,policr protection Mencho can offer at a National level and more specifically the protection Mencho gives him in Jalisco as its well known that Primito and R8 both live comfortably in Jalisco and visit Colima often as well
    Primito is Menchos ans CJNG golden Egg regarding their US trafficking and alot of the guns used i CJNG wars cross through his plazas besides him in part funding the wars with his Pollero/Coyote money so imo Mencho is proteting Primito and his Carnal at all costs

  7. Así es Sosa. Samuelito only attacking cds and cdn looks like he is going to be backing cdg. Yes it’s well known in NL his family connect with cdg. His family is from Miguel Alemán frontera chica Tamps. and his and his family involvement with money laundering. September of last year a couple days after coming in to office Samuel, narcomantas apperead in Monterrey and all the towns in the south of NL signed by cdg grupo de los metros threating ( traicioneros) probably the ex cdg that flipped to cds y los noroestes. Shit in NL has been getting hot since last summer but nothing compared to 2010 2011.

  8. Obviously he was a Z how else would he have escaped topo chico and has a Z tatted on his arm. Also makes sense he jumped ship from Z to CDS his main enemies are CDG and Z lost alot of power he joined his enemies other rival pretty much.


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