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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

2 Relatives of El Chapo's First Wife Arrested in Chile for Drug Trafficking

"Socalj" for Borderland Beat

The Chilean Prosecutor's Office confirmed that two relatives of Joaquín Guzmán Loera, El Chapo, are detained in the South American country for crimes that link them to cocaine trafficking to the Netherlands in 2021.

"They are related to the Sinaloa Cartel, who are close relatives of Chapo Guzmán," the national prosecutor, Jorge Abbott, told the media.

They are the siblings Ricardo and Yolanda Salazar Tarriba, who are identified as related to the first wife of Chapo Guzmán, María Alejandrina Salazar Hernández. Both were arrested in March of last year and would have operated to try to send 665 kilos of narcotics that would arrive at the port of Rotterdam, in Europe.

“Persons deprived of liberty, where there was drug trafficking, cocaine, 600 kilos, was destined for the Netherlands and who come with people whose responsibility we are claiming,” explained the prosecutor about the most notorious case of the Sinaloa Cartel in that country. South American.

The Public Ministry of Chile is in legal proceedings against these two people, who would also be linked by bloodlines with the so-called Chapitos, Iván Archivaldo, and Jesús Alfredo Guzmán Salazar, for whom the United States offers a reward of five million dollars that lead to the arrest of each.

According to the Chilean press, Jorge Abbott's statements were given within the framework of the public account of the Prosecutor's Office in Puerto Montt. The statements were detailed by Luis Toledo, director of the Specialized Drug Trafficking Unit of the National Prosecutor's Office.

The Salazar Tarriba siblings were infiltrated by the Chilean Civil Police after data provided by the United States Drug Control Administration (DEA). This is how they deceived that they would collaborate to send millions of dollars of drugs to the Netherlands, where the transnational crime group has links.

According to investigations, Ricardo entered the country in 2020 and moved through Iquique and Santiago. But he had a surgical problem that led him to undergo surgery at a private center known as the Santa María Clinic. Faced with this difficulty, Yolanda arrived in December of the same year and partially took charge of the operation.

Supposedly, the infiltrated officers made sure of a false shipment that was transported by sea to the Netherlands and arrived in that country on March 5. Everything was documented to know how the criminal organization worked and not cause suspicion.

In Europe, the container was reviewed by the authorities and then the alleged members of the Sinaloa Cartel gave up their business and tried to escape from Chile. But they were detained at the Santiago airport on March 10 last year.

The Mexicans are accused in the Public Ministry of Iquique. The man is behind bars in the Santiago I prison and his sister in the San Miguel annex for women. According to the Gendarmerie, the two receive 30 thousand Chilean pesos sent from Mexico to buy basic supplies.

The Sinaloa Cartel caused the Chilean Prosecutor's Office to carry out investigations in the north of the country between 2012 and 2015, but no incursions were located or further reports emerged. Until September of last year, the intentions of the criminal group to expand as a starting point to Europe, but also in local drug dealing, were recognized.

“Chile stopped being a drug transit country; in fact, well-known cartels from Mexico are trying to establish themselves in Chile,” said Jorge Abbott at the time, when presenting the latest report from the Observatory of Drug Trafficking in Chile.

"Today, we have to admit that we have begun the path of those territories that host local production of illicit substances and the installation of cartels within their borders," he added.

Luis Toledo specified that they detected the Sinaloa Cartel and the Jalisco New Generation Cartel in various areas. By then the Salazar Tarribas had already been arrested and a narco-laboratory was dismantled in the port of Iquique, as they intended to create a marijuana derivative. The two people from Guadalajara were also captured in this last case and are waiting to be sentenced.

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  1. Animo Sicarios!
    #freeelchapo lachapiza #701

    "Guzmán de apellido es Ovidio
    También por apodo, le dicen Ratón,
    Un jefe con mucho cerebro
    Un hijo del Chapo, aquel señorón,
    En Jesús, María creció,
    De sangre, caliente y de acción…
    Trae gente y son puros pintos
    Con sus lanza papas, es un equipón,
    Respeto al Noventa, El Güerito
    El es mi compadre, firmes mi viejón,
    Amigos, tengo de a montón,
    Apoyo, y respaldo les doy…
    Soy el ratón,
    Soy Ovidio, soy Guzmán hijo de El Chapo,
    Soy hermano de Alfredito y de Archivaldo
    Y por cierto me disculpo
    por lo del Culiacanazo..Yo no pelie,
    Pus la vida de mis hijas fue primero,
    Pa’ que sepan que yo no conozco el miedo,
    Un Guzmán no se intimida
    Menos con los del gobierno.
    Respeto y a lo que se ordene
    Con mis dos hermanos, Alfredo e Iván,
    Mi madre es mi gran maestra
    Moreno te extraño, no te he de olvidar,
    Los autos, son mi gran pasión,
    Navego, pura colección…

    Me siento más fuerte que nunca
    Saludos Güeritos, firmes estarán,
    Ahijado siempre anda activado
    Y con un gran pequeño, me pongo relax…
    En ranchos, y por Culiacán,
    Es donde, me miran pasear…
    Soy el ratón,
    Soy Ovidio, soy Guzmán hijo de El Chapo,
    Es difícil no tenerlo aquí a mi lado
    Y me duele que no este,
    Siempre voy a respetarlo…
    Hay que seguir,
    Pa’ delante que la mata siga dando,
    Y El Ratón se le pelo de nuevo al gato,
    Y ahí nos vemos chavalada,
    La Chapiza sigue al mando."

    1. 🤡 Ya zacazte para tu MARUCHAN por publicar el corrido de eze SOB.

    2. Ovidio is a chump. Dude didnt fight because he wasnt prepared to fight. His brother and his cmdtes led the fight. Ovidio is not somw turnt up kid who worked his way to the top. Him and his brothers were spoiled kids that happen to be the sons of El Chapos Rat ass . Now they manage what he lwft but because they are chafa tjey lost many ppl who didnt wanna work under them
      At least with capos like Chapo, Mayo Zambada, Mencho, BLO brothers or any of the original or old school capos HAD to work their way to the top. They creatd that shit from nothing. Starting as pistoleros or were their OWN pistoleros whiel coming up. Actually engaging in shootouts with enemies and govt. Traveling in caravana. With Pecheras and rifles ready for battle. Fighting real wars. Fighting for their spot for their plazas.
      The chapitos never fought a REAL war they have been protected since birth
      They literally LIVE off the small Victory over el joto del Mini Lic
      They are obsessed with them kidnapping Mini Lics close mens families to get them to turn themselves kn
      Then Mini Lic also another lame who never did anything but be the son of a capo of course couldnt hang so he turned himself in lmao.
      Thats nothing to be proud of. Well maybe but at least nkthing to be bragging about like his men always do. Let them win a war like the Zacatecas war or the GTO war or capturing acartelcboss like Cholo or the old Juarez, TJ wars or the Gulf wars that lasted YEARS with no actual clear winner sometimes or with govts choosing and fighting the govt like u would the enemy

    3. SOSAP7G. haha calm down killa say it without crying tho. ovidio obviously got game from chapo theyve been in the game but more on the trafficking side. chapo snitching is just hearsay like el guacho said arturo used that as a pretext to go to war with chapo, the zambadas and damasos on the other hand are snitches. well the chapitos took mazatlan from chapo isidro, rusos got kicked out of culiacan and tepuche war isnt over tho, than you have ongoing sonora/mexicali wars, ongoing chihuahua war and guerrero aswell. cjng was using that same tactic in michoacan haha except them michoacanos didnt backdown like the damasos all cartels do it. haha ya mamasela al mencho. zacatecas is at a stalemate, GTO CJNG with the help of the government still cant eradicate CSRL y ni se diga Michoacan haha. fighting the government is going to get you caught up

    4. rufero. well the people that get mad are the clowns. you know dude is just trolling right dont know why you guys get all hurt

  2. He's still snitching, reducing that sentence 1 year at a time. He will be home for Christmas at this point

  3. So who are they in relation to the chapitos?? Aunt and Uncle of two of them???


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