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Monday, January 17, 2022

San Luis Potosí: Operativa Belica Threat Against Los Alemanes And Gulf Cartel

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

The Operativa Bélica aka Bloodthirsty Operatives has just released another video threat against the Los Alemanes Cartel in the state of San Luis Potosí. Just the same their warning goes out against the Gulf Cartel. 

This particular armed criminal cell made its initial debut here at Borderland Beat back on November 2021. At the time it was this writer’s belief that they were attached to the Jalisco New Generation Cartel. 

Today confirmation has been established that they are indeed an armed wing for the CJNG. The following film has been deemed safe for all to see. 

Video translation is as follows:

You sent dumb ass people to die in Ahualulco and La Pila. You sons of bitches, those plazas already have an owner. What did you guys think of those heavy fucking losses you experienced in Ahualulco, would you like some more of that? How many dead and injured did you have to drag out to save yourselves like burning rats? 

You fucking homos went so far as to steal a vehicle just to flee. Now you have to worry about all those government employees who helped you get those vehicles released. So that you could use them in that armed confrontation that took place in Anualulco. We already know that those are the same vehicles that were seized from you last October the 28th of last year on the Ramal a Palma de La Cruz thoroughfare. 

Just the same you made the dumb ass mistake of using and then abandoning them this time. We’ve left them in pieces for you. So, that you can see who the big dicks are here in the state of San Luis Potosí. We don’t kill innocent civilians. Just those individuals who smell like Golfos. Everyone who is selling drugs for the Alemanes or Golfos, sooner or later your worlds will go to shit. Just as it so happened to these dumb asses out of La Pila. 

And we’re coming after whoever is next. We’re already within La Pila. And here you will all go fuck your mothers. Mr. Aleman, of very little balls. Stop sending people who just aren’t worth a fuck. Come on out to that armed confrontation along with your  gay ass son. We already have a special party planned for you two faggots. We’re gonna see how you’re going to handle that. You murderers of innocents have your days numbered already. 

We invite all independent traffickers to unite with us on this cause. The kidnappings, thefts, extortions and heavy yolks that these bitches had everyone under are now over. These dirty dogs have caused so much harm to many families. It’s time to close ranks. So that these filthy individuals can see their game is over. Alfredo Aleman, we gave you an opportunity. 

We will now reveal the video from Monterrey where you’re asking us for clemency. Do you recall this? Your fucking mouth was too big. Isn’t this true you asshole? If we haven’t killed you it’s so that you can exist inside a living hell. Who will now protect you and your entire bloodline? They all know what lies ahead for them. We all know that the Gulf cartel doesn’t support you as before. 

You will be killed last. Also, you will be made to see and suffer much in the same manner you made others experience. Everyone within the business will be against you along with the allies. You will never experience peace in this life. Much less where we will be sending you. Sincerely, Operativa Belica

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  1. Wow this is confusing because I thought CDG and CJNG had a pact.

    1. You have to understand there's like 12 CDG cells spread out in tamaulipas, nuevo leon, zacatecas, veracruz and other states but they figh each other. In zacatecas cdg fantasmas are with CJNG, elnprimito and los metros in tamaulipas are with CJNG too..

    2. Another bunch of wannabe drug trafficking maniacs all coked up buying guns from the gringos Trump lovers like the oath keepers. When will it end?

    3. CDG just sold themselves to mencho like a dollar whore.what ever happened to brains and balls. No wonder the Rio grande valley is messed up all the crap from Tamaulipas spilled over

  2. los metros y cjng r Together not cdg

  3. Cdg SLP faction was with El vaquero not El primito.

  4. Who cares... CJNG are bunch of Base heads

  5. They say they don't kill innocents, just those that smell like golfos. Which makes no sense at all, these guys are obviously nuts. This is what happens when cartel guys starts using their own drugs.

  6. Good evening BB. Hope everyone is safe and doing well.

    I wonder ( this goes to anyone that has been living or experiencing all this craziness in Mexico ).

    Has it become the norm for any of you guys. Or does any of this still shock ya?

    1. What's this shet with a guy wearing Red panties. So he likes to wear ladies clothes, let him enjoy his fetish.

    2. What is this panty boy thing. At least tell me where it came from. Cause I'm curious myself. So polite people wear panties? Hmmm interesting.

  7. Just a Canadian passing through. I hear alot of plaza, like "this plaza belong to me or this plaza has a new owner and so on"
    My question is do these cartels sell drugs to regular drug addicts in Mexico or they just use area or plaza as their stash city to move their loads into usa?
    I'm very fascinated by Mexican cartels like when I have nothing to do here, I just can't help myself. BB keep it up, love your content. Don't even know how to go anonymous here. Hope my email address Don't show up.

    1. Well howdy mate welcome to Mexico, where anything goes, the law don't protect it's citizens as they are busy working with the criminals. You selected Unkown, so you are undercover. About plazas talk to Juan Rambo.

  8. How many groups does Señor Mencho have working for him?


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