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Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Vetagrande, Zacatecas: Authorities Arrest 7 Men, Rescue Kidnap Victim

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

The Attorney General's Office reports that on the afternoon of this Monday, December 13, after an operation coordinated with Federal Forces and as a result of intelligence work by the Investigative Police, the arrest of 7 males and the release of a victim in the municipality of Vetagrande was achieved. 

After following up on the case of a person from the State of Mexico deprived of liberty, there was a significant mobilization of the forces of order in the community of San José de la Era; place where 6 adults and a teenager from Jalisco, Nayarit, Morelos, Sonora and Michoacán were apprehended, who had weapons and narcotics in their possession.

Through the execution of the Judicial Search Order, the place was processed by Expert Services personnel and Police personnel, securing various long firearms, grenades, a short weapon, narcotics and firearm cartridges.

The detainees were placed at the disposal of the competent Public Ministry and the secured objects were lifted and transferred for forensic study. In the next few hours, it will be the Control Judge who will determine the legal situation of the detained persons and the corresponding referral will be made to the Attorney General of the Republic for federal crimes within its jurisdiction.

With these actions, the Attorney General's Office reaffirms its commitment to the investigation and prosecution of crime for the benefit of Zacatecan society.

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  1. A bunch of parasites have invaded Zacatecas.

  2. States neighboring Zacatecas have said they are reinforcing their state line boundary to keep violence from spilling into their states. The funny thing the people in Zacatecas doing most of the killing are from neighboring states.

    1. Guerro time to arm yourself, have high powered rifles at the ready, to protect you and the family. Crime are winning, because innocent victims are afraid to fight back.

  3. The kidnapped victim, is very lucky, the forces were out there. Will he be lucky a 2nd time?


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